This past Wednesday at Bang Bang in downtown San Diego Robin Schulz came through and we were there to take it all in. First off it was the most packed I had personally ever seen the venue. The restaurant/bar was bustling and the dance floor was filled with hundreds of happy humans all the way to the back. Robin kept it light, sporting a black & white long sleeve and a pair of gloss black sunglasses – glinting with each nod of his head.

Speaheading Lausbuben Records,which he successfully runs with Daniel Bruns and Christopher Noble is a mere portion of this man’s music portfolio. Hailing from Germany, Schulz put out a number of scene shaking remixes & originals this past year – no surprise that his presence is in high demand within the club & festival circuits. The atmosphere at this show was impressive though – I can’t quite remember the last time I saw so many large smiles from such an in sync crowd on a Wednesday in San Diego. Robin’s tempo, weightless transitions, big vocal lines and uplifting style gave the room a surreal feel and people on the dance floor responded accordingly.

Amongst the countless whistles, hoots & nods of approval it was clear throughout the entirety of his set that Robin has developed a carefree, seamless, subtle approach to delivering a very high quality musical performance to his fans. Purely by how comfortable he looks on the decks gives away the fact that he has been creating & delivering his own brand of passionate tunes for years – giving him the resources to hone in on exactly how to best read & respond to onlooker’s emotions. It seemed like he was having a genuinely fantastic time playing his set and I think that feeling was reciprocated by everyone in attendance. Having not seen him the past I can honestly say he had the room thoroughly jamming and I would be more than happy to see him again. If you have a chance to check him out in the future I would definitely recommend doing so.