Describing SnowGlobe in a few words isn’t easy. Most people would start with a description of the event or where it took place, but you guys can look that up! All you need to know is that we were in South Lake Tahoe for New Year’s Eve (and the 2 days preceding) for one of the most unique festivals in the United States. With freezing temperatures it was hard to take notes as well as take photos (a journalistic nightmare), but it’s all for the fans! We do it for you, and we had a hell of a time doing so. If you are still interested, take a peep at what we like to do every New Years!


Day 1

We entered the grounds on the first day of the festival greeted by friendly staff and security. The all too familiar Lake Tahoe Community College Campus grounds were covered in a small footing of white beauty. As we grasped our bearings, we found that the incredible people at SnowGlobe had provided us with new and improved side stages as well as a wider selection of food & drink vendors along with some amazing Burning Man Art Installations. The festival also featured a covered area parallel to the main stage, that allowed festival-goers to warm up with a nice beverage while listening to groovy beats.

SnowGlobe 2014 featured amazing headliners like Skrillex, Disclosure, Zedd & Atmosphere, and while we did catch most of these sets, we are really here to tell you about those artists that you may not have heard of or may have missed.

Disclosure SnowGlobe 2014

We will start off with someone you should know, Disclosure. Unfortunately, we were only graced with the presence of half of the duo (Howard) and a rather unexpected DJ set. Those fans who came expecting to hear the band’s hits were sorely disappointed. Dropping deep and minimal house throughout his set, with one or two of their tracks intertwined, the set wasn’t the most exciting of the night. He did end off with a little Outkast, which left those who had stayed on a high note.

Le Youth SnowGlobe2014

Next on our list is Wes James, known to his fans as Le Youth. Infusing 90’s R&B vocals we all love with danceable deep and tropical house melodies, James kept us nice and toasty in the Igloo. He seemed much more in his own environment on stage, feeding his energy back to the crowd. He started off with a remix of “Jump on it” and kept the groove going throughout his set. For more, check out our interview with Le Youth Here!

Skrillex - SnowGlobe 2014

To cap off day one, we made the adventure over from the Igloo to the Main Stage. Having seen Skrillex in the past, I thought I knew what I was in for. I had no idea… With tracks in his set ranging from A$AP Ferg to the Star Wars theme song,  we were taken on an hour and a half musical journey. Sonny (Skrillex) really knows how to work the crowd, maintaining interaction throughout the set. Letting us know it was his first time in Tahoe, we were honored to have him. It was amazing how he seems to possess the ability to play the exact songs the crowd wanted to hear. It was flabbergasting, how good he was. His genre-bending set honestly left us speechless, and was a hell of a way to finish off the first night of SnowGlobe. Ending his set in a manner that really couldn’t have been more gracious, he thanked the crew and staff. He then of course threw on “IDFWU” and walked off stage. The man knows how to put on a show!

Skrillex - SnowGlobe 2014

Day 2

Josh Carter of Phantogram

Entering the grounds much earlier on day 2 allowed us to ensure lighting was still available for our interviews. After sitting down with the SnowGlobe 2014 Spotlight winner Johnathon Pablo, my photographer and I made our way over to the Main Stage where Phantogram were just taking stage! To say I have the utmost respect for the band, especially the guitarist (Josh Carter), would be an understatement. After what looked like tears streaming down his face, Sarah shouted out “It’s fucking cold!” We could see this coming, as we’d noticed she had missed her cue – but the band rolled with the punches. The drummer had a laugh out of it, while the crowd cheered her on. They continued to play each of their songs to perfection. A band that sounds noticeably better live – 100%. Do not miss ’em if you get the chance.

Josh David of Phantogram

Anxiously awaiting Anna Lunoe’s performance, we sped-walk over to the Sierra tent. Thinking it was time for a quick bathroom break, we ended up running into our friends who informed us Anna’s plane never made it. At Electric Sloth, Anna is our eternal #WCW so of course, we were deeply saddened to miss her! After receiving the news, we figured we’d go warm up in the media area as we prepared for the closing acts of the night!

After grabbing some hand wamers (and a few extras to throw in our boots) we were ready to dance. We made our way over to the Sierra tent to check out 2 of our favorite young guns, the duo comprising Classixx. Based out of LA, they definitely had a keen grasp of what the crowd wanted to to hear. Their tropical beats had everyone grooving back and forth. I have in my notes, they “touched hearts with their classic jams.” It was too beautiful not to share. Infusing a sort of deep and tropical house feeling on certain tracks really brought out those #SNEWGLEBER’S who wanted to get dowwwn.

Saving a little energy for the Seattle natives, Odesza, was definitely a good call. Having only seen them briefly at Hard Day of the Dead, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect – other than pure beauty. These boys took us on an adventure with their controllers & drums, playing classics like “I Play You Listen,” & their Pretty Lights Remix “Lost & Found.” We knew after the first drop what was in store. It was as though the entire crowd had become one – everyone looked at each others smiled. Pure magic.

Porter Robinson

I also found it unbelievable that these boys played during Porter Robinson and garnered such a large crowd.  From live drumming to beautiful piano melodies with interlaced vocals, this set couldn’t have gone any better.


Day 3

Unsure which stage to stop at first, to begin day 3 we followed our ears to the live saxophone echoing out of the Sierra Tent.  Steezmonks, a melodic house duo from Madrid, Spain, were getting groovy, while Zedd captured the rest of the crowd at the Main Stage. His set was complete with go-go dancers and some much-needed warming tropical house. Even tossing in a little Disclosure with a sped up tempo, Tincup had us vibing.

Trippy Turtle took the stage next, starting with his classic “trippy” vocal sample on repeat. Slowing bringing in “FoFo,” his spin on OT Genasis‘ “CoCo,” we knew this yung turt was about to throw it down for the next hour and fifteen minutes. Featuring a tracklist laden with hip-hop and rap, he maintained his signature sounds  by tossing in sped up remixes of these tracks as well as his favorites, the infamous bed squeaks and heavy horns.

After listening to Trippy Turtle’s set, we headed out to the main stage to see Atmosphere perform. Upon getting there we couldn’t help but notice the amount of people who came to see the magnificent Slug and Ant take the stage. Atmosphere has made it a long way since the start of their career. They have continuously put out tracks that their fans enjoy. There is no wonder why their set was one of the best at SnowGlobe 2014. It started off by Ant showcasing his phenomenal DJ and scratching abilities on the turntables, while Slug had the entire crowd hyped over the mic. They began dropping all of their classic jams such as “Modern Man’s Hustle,” “God Loves Ugly, andBetween the Lines”. Slug was very interactive with his fans throughout the performance and his sarcastic attitude kept a smile on everyone’s face. The second half of their set consisted of Ant dropping songs from their most recent albums while keeping the classics flowing in between. A few of those songs included “Shoulda Known,” and immediately people began grooving. Then came my favorite from the When Life Give You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold album, “Yesterday.” When this song came on I can’t help but say that my heart dropped as nostalgia hit me deep inside. Atmosphere continued to perform past their scheduled set time and it amazed me to see that the SnowGlobe Production Team allowed that to happen. This goes to show the amount of respect this duo has gained in the Music Industry over the years. Make sure to catch Slug and his crew next time they’re in town.

Flume SG14

Flume was definitely one of the reasons we were excited for Sunday. We anxiously awaited his set after Atmosphere’s performance. Starting off with his classic “Speechless” his set left us feeling as such. With such an amazing act brought some shoving, pushing, and the all the flags. Those would be our only complaints from this set. Other than the aforementioned factors, he brought SnowGlobe into the New Year in the most magical manner.  Flume dropped the perfect song for that kiss with that special someone. Yup, he played “You and Me” and it was incredible. With so much love and positive energy spreading through the crowd, everyone wished one another a Happy New Year and proceeded to dance 2015 away.

SnowGlobe 2014 Fireworks

Photos by Adam Maresca. More Photos below!