Pierce Fulton is a humble artist who has emerged from humble beginnings. From the cold and quiet setting he dealt with in Vermont, to playing massive shows in tropical paradises, Pierce has seen his life expand immeasurably due to his musical talent. Born with a quick ear, he now experiments with many styles to produce his signature progressive house sound.

His recent release, “Kuaga” has seen a lot of positive feedback from the EDM community, and now he is releasing a video for a live version of the track. With deeper sounds, it would appear difficult to create a lively video for such a track, but the video does an excellent job of making Pierce a one man show. The idea for the video is rather unique as it takes the unoriginal strategy of using live footage of an artists DJing at a festival, and spins a unique take on it by showcasing how the song would be played live. With a fun, changing background and quick cuts from the numerous instruments used in the track, Pierce’s video for his newest hit only adds another creative layer to the already amazing tune.

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