On New Years Eve, we got a chance to sit down with Amir Amor of Rudimental to find out what they have in store for 2015.  Check out what he had to say, below!

You guys won the BRIT Award in 2014 for the best single with, “Waiting All Night”, your last album came out in February if 2013 and was critically acclaimed. With the New Year, what do you guys have in store.

We’re finishing our new album actually; we just came back from Jamaica where we finished a few tracks.

Do you have a release date yet?

 April/May, it’s a very rough release date but we are trying to get it out before the summer. We’re nearly done; we only have two songs left. As of right now we have twenty tracks and are looking to narrow it down to between twelve and sixteen.

Are there any collaborations on the upcoming album?

We like to bring out new talent and share new voices that excite us; on this album we are starting our own record label now called Major Toms. Instead of letting vocalists sign with other labels, we want to keep them with us. In addition to that, we’ve been working with some legends such as George Clinton and Steely Dan.

You guys are very traditionally musical in your roots it seems.

Yeah, we are musicians. When we write songs, we play them first. The electronics come later. The way it works in the studio is as a band. When there is a structure, then we incorporate the MPC’s.

You must have similar sensibilities then to be able to work together.

We’re like brothers, one minute we love each other and the next we are at each other’s throats musically. We’re good at getting the best from each other because we’re all very stubborn. We all have strong points, I like to mix live and electronic, while others have a background in blues.

You guys love to play in the studio, so when you produce do you use your own sounds?

Before Rudimental, I was a producer so I as programming my own sounds. As for the group as a whole, it’s a mixture. If we find a good break we will use it, but most of the sounds are our own live sounds.

What is the dynamic in the studio and on stage?

Someone will start with an idea in the studio. A chord progression will generally start it off and then someone will play a top melody over that. Generally I’ll finish it because I used to mix and program.

Do you in general prefer live or DJ sets and what’s the difference energy that each one brings.

There’s nothing like a Rudimental live set. There are ten people on stage giving 110% energy.

Who reached out to you to bring you here tonight to Madison Square Garden?

As far as I know it was Diplo. He was kind enough to bring us to Jamaica the other week and he’s helped us out since back in the day when he had us on Diplo and Friends. We owe a lot to Diplo. Skrillex is also amazing, he was one of the first comments on one of our older tracks, “Feel the Love”.

Considering it is New Years Eve, if you could go back to the beginning of the year, what would you tell your group?

Do not think too hard, and go with the flow. We never aimed to play here, it just worked out for being clumsy and stubborn.

Lastly, you must have a cocktail of the hour for tonight; what is it?

Coconut water and rum. We just got back from Jamaica so I’m still in the tropical mood.



Photo Credit: Do Androids Dance