Beatgasm is the new and innovative music website that is going to change electronic music streaming as we know it. At first glance, the website is simple, colorful, and highly interactive. The main draw to the website though, is that all the stations are curated and hand picked by avid electronic music listeners. This means no more hearing songs that have little to do with the genre of your preferred station as other websites such as Pandora quite often do. Once you create an account, you are immediately given a home page with hundreds of stations to choose from. These stations range from specific artists, moods, genres, geography, and much more. Since the website is in its beta stage though, there seems to be a lack of many artists who skew off from the genres that are listed on the website. (Mostly a lack of IDM; i.e. Flying Lotus, Gold Panda, Teebs) That small issue should be solved once Beatgasm gains momentum and adds more music.  In our opinion though, the greatest part of Beatgasm is their track submission feature. Any hopeful producers or music makers can submit their music for a chance to be featured on any number of stations that the song falls under. This is an amazing and revolutionary way to get up and coming producers an edge on being discovered.  This website is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to hear all their favorite hits, wants to hear something new, or maybe even want to become the next big thing. Check out Beatgasm here!

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