Infusing those 90’s R&B vocals and tunes we all love with danceable beats, deep house and tropical house melodies – Wes James, better known as Le Youth has established a genre for himself. With hits like “R E A L,” “COOL,” and some unbelievable remixes blowing on international stages, Wes is on a roll, and won’t be stopping any time soon. His music makes you feel good, and people love that! Listen to this track and try and tell us otherwise:

We were lucky enough to sit down with this interesting fellow at the 5th annual SnowGlobe Music Festival, and learn a little bit more about what goes on in his head. While you may find pages on pages of interviews with Wes, we ensured to ask questions that have never been asked before (as we do). Check out our interview above and please share your thoughts with us. Enjoy!


(Transcribed  Interview below)


Sam: Thanks a lot for agreeing to do this interview: We’re especially excited to speak to you as we’ve been trying to share more artists and producers who are heading for this 90’s style sound.


Le Youth: Yeah, of course, no problem.


Sam: You said you think Nostalgia plays a big part in the popularity of your music, do you think these kids here even know who Cassie and TLC are?


LY: I think so, yeah. At this point, I think that they will hear a lot of remixes of their songs, so even if they were not around for Cassie.. Different-people have told me that lots of times. Perhaps they would have heard it on the radio, I don’t know.


Sam: REAL EP is due out for official release Feb. 9 via Ultra Records. How much have you starting singing on the new album?


LY: Yeah we’re still working on it. I actually haven’t yet. I have a bunch of ideas, it’s just really tough. I have so much fun doing vocal samples and I’m successful at doing vocal samples, but I don’t know really what to say (chuckle). But I will, there’s a side of me that like has to do it.


Sam: So you don’t go to shows unless you are playing or a friend is playing, and you don’t listen to electronic music on your spare time. Do you pay attention to what other DJ’s are making?


LY: I try to keep up; I don’t do a very good job haha. But I play the stuff I like to play, so for some reason that’s just the way it is. I don’t know, I think I would drive myself crazy if I paid too much attention to what other DJ’s were doing. That’s just what’s happening right now.


Sam: You say you like to make songs quickly? How long does it normally take you?


LY: I like to make them quickly; I don’t actually make them quickly (laugh). It actually takes a really long time, longer than it should be. I set like really high standards of what I want it to sound like, what I want it to be, where I want it to go. I tend to over think or over analyze everything. But I’ve also done remixes in like one day. There’s nothing better than getting things done quickly. Often times I’m on the road where we’re flying from one place, and on a train to the next, so we have like two hours before the show. You don’t want to make the music right then, you just want to chill.


Sam: What’s the coolest place you’ve been on a gig?


LY: My favorite is San Francisco, I love it there it’s so beautiful and the people are so new and friendly.
Sam: You always mention your pup. Whats your pups name and what kind?


LY: Yeah his name is Boba, he’s an English bulldog. He’s turning ten next month and he skateboards; he’s exceeded his average lifespan by about a year; he’s a happy, lazy, hungry dog haha.


Sam: Well I hope you get back to him soon. Thank you so much for sitting down with us.


LY: Thank you.



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