Maybe it’s just me, but after reading his description on SoundCloud as a “Master craftsman of melancholic melody and the purveyor of razor sharp edges,” I was already sold that Simon Patterson was a killer artist before having even heard any of his work. I know I know, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” – or in this case, an artist by the first sentence of their “about me” – but trust me, this guy is legit.

If Simon Patterson isn’t new to you, then you clearly know what’s up. I mean Patterson’s credentials are seriously so impressive that I can’t believe I didn’t discover him sooner. Over the past 10 years, he’s released 17 #1 tracks on Beatport (7 of which being in the past 2 years), headlined at countless festivals and clubs around the world, established his brand, “Open Up,“ as the main destination for the some of sickest underground trance and techno (or tech-yes if you know what I mean), and most recently landing a residency on BBC Radio 1.

With his most recent release, “Whites Of Her Eyes,” Patterson gives us a beautiful mix that sounds like the result from combining Armin van Buuren and Tiësto’s musical styles together. I kid you not. After listening to this track, as well as his podcasts and live sets, it’s become clear that the deep underground trance that was so prominent in the EDM world – back when people still referred to it as techno music – is making a comeback…. if it ever really left us 😉 And one thing is for certain: Simon Patterson is definitely an artist to keep up with.


Check out “Whites Of Her Eyes” for yourselves and tell me it doesn’t sound like an epic Armin-Tiësto lovechild:

You can buy the track now on iTunes and Beatport! 🙂