T-minus one week: brace yourselves as New Year’s approaches along with SnowGlobe, the winter-wonderland festival stationed in South Lake Tahoe that promises a nonstop influx of your favorite electronic music over a period of three days. Alongside Cherub, Zedd, Flume, Justin Jay, Atmosphere, and many others, the mysterious Trippy Turtle is due to grace us with his presence on the 31st itself.

The actual identity of the elusive turtle remains “unknown” as the DJ strives to keep it hidden – even the Wikipedia page under the Trippy Turtle link has been deleted and provides no solid information.

Trippy Turtle (Lido)

Initially, rumor had it that Cashmere Cat was thought to have constructed an alter ego – but this is not the case. Though Trippy’s success sprung from a retweet and essentially a launch into the blogosphere from the chillwave cat, and though the pair tend to use similar chillstep samples, alas the animal-themed DJs are not the same person.

Trippy Turtle remains an enigma.

The DJ has had great success this year in building his reputation and becoming more and more recognized in the music industry, melding together a perfect blend of jerky beats with smooth textures of 90’s R&B. With a stellar performance at HARD Summer in LA, he plans to strike California, New York, and Washington D.C. at the start of 2015.

At SnowGlobe, Trippy will hit the Sierra Tent on the last day of the festival, undoubtedly having the crowd grinding right along with his uniquely candy coated yet raw beats. Look out for the psychedelic reptile between 7:45 and 9:00PM, following Tincup and warming up the crowd in the midst of the cold night for What So Not.

3-day tickets as well as Day 3 tickets for SG are officially sold out – and Day 1 / Day 2 tickets are rapidly disappearing (ONLY 500 LEFT).

Care for a second dose of the enigmatic turtle after greeting the New Year? He’ll be playing alongside What So Not and Cherub for SnowGlobe’s official NYE afterparty.

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The turtle continues to be on the rise, and we continue to wonder… Who is the mysteryman?

Check out his most recent Christmas-themed track released just an hour ago:

Look for more on Trippy Turtle here:

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