Each year, the SnowGlobe music festival opens it’s arms to upcoming DJ’s and Producers in their annual talent search. This year, they were kind enough to open up three spots to talent from around the United States.

Here at Electric Sloth we are always keeping an eye out for upcoming producers and DJ’s (check out our Top 5 New Producers article), and we just happened to stumble across a fellow by the name of Johnathon Pablo. This kiddo is 20 years old, out of Modesto, CA, and he placed first (1st) in the 2014 Talent Search!

Go ahead and do yourself a favor, throw on his mix as you continue to read about this boy genius:

Garnering the approval of the judges, friends, family and of course the internet – Johnathon’s smooth vibes and mellow beats took our hearts as well. His music persona seems to be a combination of that new age Australian sound we all love (Flume, Wave Racer), a little bit of Porter Robinson‘s new style and Johnathon’s own personal love-step (Just A Gent Interview) feel. His mix is truly a genre bending 48 minutes meant for “kissing, holding hands, and dancing in the snow.”

We had the chance to speak with Johnathon briefly, and his heart is definetely in the right place! Here’s a snipped of what he said:

“The support that I got from friends, family, and people I didn’t even know was overwhelming! It felt really good to know that people supported my project, and most of the people I talked to actually understood where I was coming from. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to play at such an amazing music festival along side people I whole-heartedly look up to.”

Interview coming soon!

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