Coming December 13th on SectionZ Records, talented Norwegian multi-instrumentalist and producer Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, will be releasing his 10th full-length themed album  Zion, which dives into completely uncharted territory through its mixture of Middle Eastern influences with the futuristic bass-heavy beats Aleks is known for.

The album’s first single, “Mecca,” which premiered on, has garnered nearly 100K plays, and is a prime example of the album’s theme.

This futuristic track contains Arabic instruments, sounds, and voices that combine with heavy dubstep-infused drops. It’s a beautiful representation of Savant’s refusal to conform to typical EDM norms, pushing the envelope as he always does, and creating an IDM release that showcases his production brilliancy and a political message, all while supplying the hard-hitting tunes that would never be out of place at the biggest EDM festivals.

Savant has been known to stay far away from the top 40’s, experimenting and attempting to form his own genre of music. Savant branches out to a surprisingly up-beat tempo that creeps up on you. “Mecca” transitions from smooth Arabic vocals to an energetic club banger. His use of faint bell sounds and elaborate drum patterns only represent a taste of what’s in store for his upcoming album.

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