This past Thursday at Spin Nightclub in San Diego, an event very near and dear to our hearts was carried out flawlessly. This collective effort was unique in that it was not strictly about the music: the Dangle Zone & Bass Tribe crew (putting on the event) are geared towards promoting a creative and inspiring environment through all available mediums. While Christian Martin, Kevin Anderson, 813, Party Wave, Kipptripp, Jip C, Trevor Morty, and Minxx B2B Niegel Life managed the tunes, the upper balcony of Spin was turned into a marketplace of talent – handmade clothing, unique jewelry, and live painters lined the terrace, drawing attention from party people throughout the night. This collaboration of local passion for art and culture yielded an overwhelming energy that was contagious to be around.

The attendees let loose, the vendors mingled, and the artists answered questions from curious onlookers – creating a tangible sense of community through the sharing of personal creations and insight into their respective concepts and techniques. The core ideal of these events is to give participants a clearer sense of the shared consciousness of these blossoming adults while simultaneously enjoying the funky jams of well respected producers & DJs.

Needless to say, Christian Martin as well as a slew of San Diego native homies delivered a series of quality peformances and the night proceeded without a hitch. A diverse list of genres were played in multiple rooms culminating with Martin playing an exceptionally long and eclectic set.  Living in this city for several years, one starts to become aware of who the movers and shakers are in this new age artistic community – nearly all of whom were present at the show to showcase the best of their abilities. Partygoers became even further enveloped in the experience, as face paint began to flow, and the festival vibes were kicked up a notch.

The two live painters differed dramatically in their styles, visibly adding to a broad range of diverse capabilities. Matt Milano is a recognized artist among the festival community, and it was made apparent at this event why this is the case. His loose brush stokes & confident demeanor served to create a fluid and entertaining live performance. His improvisational skills were exceptionally impressive to witness, as his canvases transformed into images only seen in dreams.


Next to him sat Shey Massey, who had a display consisting of drawings, paintings, and handmade jewelry. She has been able to concisely express local culture & her vivid imagination through multiple outlets. Working meticulously and carefully, she refined and added to two separate canvas pieces. This night provided the perfect combination of ambiance and group of people for an individual of any background to enrich their personal understanding of art and music alongside like minded humans.

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Every person I came in contact with was having a great time and truly enjoyed the night. Thanks to Spin Nightclub for having us out!


Photography by Pol Santos

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