Oh Netsky, how I adore you so. The UK based Drum and Bass powerhouse is back again with yet another single, but this time with the added touch from fellow DnB producer Metrik. When these two great minds join together, you get beautiful tracks such as this. The 80s-esque synth opening with reverberating drums gives it that beautiful inspiring sound that many drum and bass stars love to emanate. Stealth, the supplier of vocals on this track, perfectly accompanies the song before it drops you into the uniform drum and bass pattern. I for one never get sick of this type of music. What other type of music can make you want to take on an army, dance, and cry from joy all at the same time? A great synth solo comes in on this song.  It really blew me away the first time I heard it, and I urge DnB lovers as well as music lovers alike to check this song out.

If you would like a FREE DOWNLOAD of the song, check out Netsky’s Facebook page.  As a living source, I can personally tell you that I saw Netsky’s live show last year and it still goes down into my books as one of the greatest electronic music live performances one can witness. Sheer power is blasted off of that stage and straight into the ears and brains of everyone in the audience. The remaining locations and dates are listed below. Lastly, be sure to look out for Netsky’s third studio album dropping on Ultra records early next year.

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