Do you like dubstep? Do you like trap? Do you like anything that will have your entire musculature and skeleton vibrating as you dance the night away? Then Bassrush Massive is absolutely the perfect place for you! With two headliners who have proven time and time again to be the freakin’ heaviest of producers, this show is most DEFINITELY going to be one to blow your socks off. Zomboy, whose debut Game Time EP (2011) is still one of the hardest dubstep albums to date, has joined Bro Safari, one of the dopest trap/moombahton/dubstep producers straight out of the power group Evol Intent, to bring the masses a night of sick bass growls and sheer brain-melting intensity. Also on the lineup one can spot one of the most hype producers who is sure to be topping lineups in years to come, Snails! Lastly, to add a little drum to all of this bass, TC anchors the lineup with his always catchy DnB tunes that will blow the literal and figurative roof off of this event.

If you want to purchase tickets to Bassrush Massive at the Hollywood Palladium on March 7th (which I totally recommend you do) then tickets go on sale on December 16th here!

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