Last February, a nameless DJ released the deep-house Outkast mashup “Moves Like Ms. Jackson” which sprawled popularity over the internet. Just one week after, the artist dropped an original, “superfriends” which eventually became a piece to the Nightday EP. Along with his first original release, the name ZHU was born, masking his identity.

Zhu is a San Francisco native currently living in L.A. His music is subtle, but will make you bounce all night long. His most popular track of the Nightday EP “Faded” has brought light to a genre that hasn’t fully been recognized in the mainstream world, despite his recent Grammy nomination for “Best Dance Recording.”

Australia was one of the first audiences to embrace Zhu’s futuristic funk, which led Zhu to perform overseas before spinning in his own country. The Nightday EP has been out for over 5 months, brewing much anticipation for Zhu’s North American debut set at HARD Day of the Dead 2014.

The HARD management gave this international man of mystery a headliner spot opening for the Deadmau5 vs. Eric Prydz b2b set. They wanted Zhu’s first show on U.S. soil to be special, and it went beyond that.

In an effort to hide Zhu’s identity, a giant white sheet (or scrim, as it’s referred to) separated him from the crowd, only to see his silhouette and the logo that represents him. Although he played on an outdoor stage, his vibes had the entire crowd feeling like they were in an underground club in downtown Berlin. His use of bounce and echo amazed the overflowing crowd as he dropped every original on his Nightday EP. To keep the Halloween festivities going, Zhu played a remix of Michel Jackson’s “thriller”, adding a sexy Zhu-bounce for the crowd. HARD really diversified its lineup this year, bringing different DJ’s and genres from around the world. Although Zhu’s music may root from the European disco scene, he is an American attempting to bring a new style of dance music to the global community. So far, Zhu has successfully tackled gaining popularity worldwide while still hiding behind a mask.

If you haven’t heard his hit single “Faded”, welcome to your new favorite song.

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