At Electric Sloth we have a deep love for the whole Firepower Record Crew. A few weeks ago we were lucky enough to sit down with young Dubstep Genius: Getter. Taking a break from the LA scene, he took the train down and tore up the Somewhere Loud Warehouse in Downtown San Diego.

After Getter stumbled across some nasty business in the Green Room, where we were going to conduct our interview, we headed up stairs and filmed this raw interview directly from the sofa. Listen to Getter speak with us about his Trenchlords Volume 1 EP, the Trenchlord Formula, his new tracks, Destroid, his relationship with Datsik & Downlink, his evolving sounds, drugs, his metal influences, his new studio, and everything in-between!

Thanks to Getter’s girl for holding the camera while reloading her vape-pen.

Getter: | F | S | T |

Check out his latest EP Here: