As many know, Thanksgiving in the Big Apple is always quite a treat. This year, Webster Hall blessed its patrons with what Zeds Dead proclaimed “Bassgivings Eve” and was definitely a night everyone was thankful for. Supporting the Canadian duo on one of NYC’s heaviest nights was Lestat, Tyler Sherritt, and let us not forget, Meaux Green.

Currently taking over North America on his Twerk Circus tour, Meaux Green hit the stage and instantly had one of the biggest crowds at Webster grinding and twerking like crazy. Dropping his high quality remixes like Big Sean’s “IDFWU” and Riff Raff’s “How to Be Man”, he set the whole place on fire, ensuring that NYC would now realize just how hype-worthy Meaux Green should be, proving that he was a force to be reckoned with.

After his set, we got the pleasure of interviewing this heavy hitter. Take a glance below and find out his take on his style, the Twerk Circus Tour, his influences, and more.

ES:  Webster Hall is one of the most historic venues in New York, how do you feel?

MG:  I’m honored, this is what it’s all about. To hear my music paying off is a huge stepping stone. Sometimes, it feels like it’s not worth it but this makes everything worth it.

ES:  Your set was unexpected; you had heavy stuff mixed in.

MG:  I pick songs that I love and put them down in my set. I don’t know what I’m going to play until I play it. I try to make my sets unlike anyone else’s.

ES:  Do you have a style you’re going for in your productions?

MG:  I don’t want to pin myself to anything but when I started, I made 100 BPM tracks. I love hip hop so I wanted to mix EDM and hip hop. People can hear throwbacks in my sets because it gets them going. I also include newer stuff for a nice balance.

ES:  What were your influences?

MG:  My parents fed me 70’s music, but I was into punk rock and hip hop growing up. Someone gave me a copy of Ableton and I decided to put 110% into my work. Countless hours went into tutorials and I did it the hard way.

ES:  How do you balance production and touring?

MG:  It’s hard. My time is very valuable because it’s hard to get into the zone on an airplane. I set aside a certain amount of time per week for production. You have to focus, and if you want to do this, then you need to sacrifice time for studio time. If I have any free time, I put it into studio.

ES:  When you say studio, do you mean a studio room or a laptop?

MG:  A laptop, I know how professionally mastered tracks sound on my system so if my music is comparable to that, then I know it’ll sound good in general. It’s more about knowing your system because anything sounds good on the best quality speakers.

ES:  Overall, how’s the Twerk Tour going?

MG:  Party Favor is killing the game; I feel lucky enough to work with someone so talented. He also appreciates my talent so it’s nice to have a mutual respect.

ES:  You’ve collaborated with Party Favor and Caked Up, any more collaborations coming up?

MG:  My management would love me to do more originals and that’s where I’m at. I do have a few collaborations coming up but I don’t want to say much in case they fall through.

ES:  Are you thinking about an EP or album, or just putting out singles?

MG:  I have a few songs already done. We’re figuring out release dates right now. Sometimes you finish a song in a couple days so it’s hard to know when to release it. I only remix songs when I love the original and know I can do something with it. Instead of someone giving me a really good song to remix and me not knowing what to do with it, I want to work on things I’m passionate about.

Unfortunately, an event arose that forced us to cut our interview short. We hope you enjoyed it, either way!

Words: Alex Orlando


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