Last Friday night we had the pleasure to make our way down to Santa Ana in order to experience an incredible night of highly anticipated acts: Tokimonsta and Djemba Djemba.

Located outside of LA, The Observatory consistently reels in high class performers practically every weekend. With over four levels of viewing area and bars, the stage is illuminated and heard from all angles. Walking past the hallway into the stage-room is breathtaking, seeing the gigantic slope from the balcony to the pit is a bit overwhelming when choosing where we wanted to see the show. Although the venue carried a small vibe, the house was packed for a sold out show and couldn’t wait for female DJ Tokimonsta.

Djemba Djemba: Despite having a cast on his right hand, this guy definitely still knows how to throw down. Signed with Mad Decent, Djemba Djemba has been making his way to the top working with artists like RL Grime and Mr. Carmack. He stood for everything but an opener. His set rattled the entire venue, mixing rap with heavy trap. He began with Mr. Carmack‘s banger “les djinns” and continued to keep rap incorporated in his set. From remixes of Danny Brown’s “Lie4” to Bobby Shmurda’s “Hot N****a”, Djemba Djemba controlled the crowd as they bounced left and right. His audience was utterly impressed with everything he was throwing at them, including his fresh track “Look at me Now” with London Future that literally shook up the entire venue. Djemba Djemba’s mixing and music selection was hands down the best I’ve experienced in this genre. To wrap up his set, Djemba Djemba dropped a dirty edit of Banks‘ “Fall Over” remix, setting a high bar for Tokimonsta (who later met this standard). Stay tuned for Team Supreme’s U.S. tour coming back to The Observatory on January 21st with Mr. Carmack, penthouse penthouse, and of course, Djemba Djemba.

Tokimonsta: With there only being a handful of professional female DJ’s in the world, Tokimonsta is one of the most eccentric and stylistic of them all. After seeing her spin and extremely trap-heavy and energetic set for the first time last May at Sasquatch Music Festival 2014, there was no way I could allow myself to miss her performance in her hometown. Three-layered projection screens stood behind her, giving an incredibly vivid depth to the entire crowd. The entire venue started to roar as her beautiful figure entered the stage, exclaiming that this was the largest crowd she had ever played for. What I really enjoyed seeing was her progression of not only mixing but choice of music from when I saw her in May. She mostly played tracks from her new album Desiderium, focusing more on the progression and layering of the chill beats that we know and love. Although most of her music is down-tempo, this didn’t stop her from throwing a massive party as she dropped tracks like What So Not’s “Touched” and even the throwback of  “Que Que” out of one Dillon Francis‘ first EP. What really stood out was her openness to play what she wanted to play, instead of having a crowd-pleasing mentality. She remains to be the only DJ I have ever witnessed to play Wu Tang’s “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” and and incredibly chill remix of A$AP Ferg’s “Shabba”, all while still having the time of her life on stage. She stands as a role model to any aspiring female DJ’s, proving that it is possible to make it big as hundreds lined up at The Observatory to see her stunning performance.

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