At the end of November, Nitewakers, a new, Los Angeles-based event company, promoted the event “Lost in Space.” They brought in some of the most talented dubstep artists in the game to LA for a night of nothing but bass.

Venue- three words. Location location location. Smack in the middle of downtown, 333 live is LA’s largest megaclub located on 333 South Boylston street. This two-story night club not only has an outdoor smoking section with a breathtaking vista of downtown LA, but a dance floor large enough to boogie in any way we felt. With Lasers, fog cannons, and projection visuals, 333 live’s

Getter- The first act of our night blew the entire crowd out of the water.  With almost 100K likes on Facebook, the dub artist from San Jose is on the rise, gaining increasing popularity among the bass-head community. Wearing a t-shirt with a pokeball morphed with a Dragonball Z, I immediately knew Getter wasn’t here to mess around. His set did more than just warm up the crowd for Must Die. He dropped originals from his new EP Trenchlords vol. 1 as well as some unreleased remixes making the crowd bounce from the mosh pit to the balcony. Getter used rap and other popular tracks like Yogi’s Burial Skrillex remix to keep his hour long set heavy and on point. There was no doubt that after his time was up, Getter wasn’t ready to stop the party. After his set, people couldn’t stop raving about how he could have been the headliner. My first experience with Getter will definitely not be my last. He really knows how to throw a party.

Must Die- The headlining act for the night was none other than dubstep extraordinaire MUST DIE!. This Houston-born Berlin-based dubstep musician is one of the best in the game. His mixing made transitions seem non-existent, constantly going from drop to drop to drop. His set was one of the heaviest I’ve ever experienced, making sure we left the club with our ears ringing. His music was far from lacking bass, as he played mostly heavy dub while still branching out to bangers like “attak” by Danny Brown. At the height of his set, MUST DIE! played the Flume remix of “Me & You” , he unexpectedly used the drop as a build-up for yet another exhilarating track. Unfortunately, towards the end of the set his thumb drive started to fail, shutting off his music at random. This slight hiccup didn’t stop MUST DIE! from delivering one of the heaviest dubstep sets I’ve ever heard. The entire crowd and I were thoroughly impressed with the talent that came to downtown LA for the evening. Everyone left with their ears ringing, ready for another round of dancing and moshing.

Nitewakers did a phenomenal job not only in bringing top-tier dubstep artists, but choosing a location and production perfect for the size of the crowd. Be sure to keep a close eye on Nitewakers upcoming events, you don’t want to miss them!