A few nights ago, we had the chance to meet up with EDX before his packed show at The Vessel in San Francisco.

Maurizio Colella, better known as EDX, has made a name for himself internationally in electronic music. The chart-topping Switzerland based Producer/DJ has played crowds in excess of 60,000 people from the hottest clubs all across the globe to today’s most sought after festivals. Having been featured as one of Beatport’s top 3 Progressive House Music Artists alongside Deadmau5 and Eric Prydz he has truly made a name for himself in the dance music scene.

Tonight we got to sit down with this successful and hilarious man and ask him a few questions about his recent tour and beyond.


Electric Sloth: Thanks for meeting with us! So you’ve played at Vessel before?

EDX: Yes, I love this place.


Sloth: Awesome, so do we. So a few questions for you. How’d you come up with the ideas for “Collateral Effects”?

EDX: Well I was working on brand new music over the last couple of months and last year in December I released a track called “Reckless Ardor” which was kind of a kick off of going a little bit old school back to the days of EDX 2007 style and just a little bit slower. “Collateral Effects” the EP with “Empathy” and the title track just were something to round up the year, which was the organic evolvement into these tunes. So it was just something very natural. You listen to “Reckless Ardor”, “Cool Me Off”, “Breathing”, “Make Me Feel Good” – this was just the next step.


Sloth: How does “Collateral Effects” differ from “Empathy”?

EDX: Well, “Collateral Effects” was like the A-Side, I just did exactly what the organic thing to do was and “Empathy” was something like – okay, let me do something different than the A-Side but still something that I personally feel is the right thing to do. “Empathy” is actually as well one of my favorite tracks.


Sloth: So you’ve been this tour since the end of October, with tonight’s show in San Francisco and then you finish off tomorrow in San Diego and close out in Las Vegas. How do you feel about the tour as a whole?

EDX: It’s so much fun. We kicked off this US Take Over 2015, The Progression of Sound Tour in the US first, and we are expanding next year into other territories. Two weeks ago I played in the Middle East, I played in Asia and now I’m back in the US. All the shows in October were pretty wild, a couple of sold out shows, a lot of people reaching out. It was really cool to be able to kind of evolve your music and deliver kind of a journey through your sets and not just play the big hits. This year has been really good for me on the music side. I’m doing what I like, and that’s very exciting as a DJ, just to play the music you like and love – even playing your own music. I’m really looking forward to more dates. This year we already started to add some January, February and March dates, and we’re gonna lead to a final conference in March or even around June, we’re still working on the end of the tour.


Sloth: In line with that question, what’s been your favorite stop on the tour or some of the best memories?

EDX: Well, actually it’s very hard to say. As I said in October and November I played a couple of sold out shows and some very B-Side territories in the Midwest which was very touching. It was so good to see people traveling for hours to come to your shows because of the distance between our stops on tour. It has been a great tour so far, I wouldn’t want to pick a favorite one because there was so many. Something very touching was my birthday in Seattle, which was a sold out show at Foundation. Antonio, my friend was there and so were a couple of my other friends and we had a great time. It was cold, but it was nice. (we both laugh)


Sloth: How did you get the inspiration to remix Sandy Rivera’s “BANG”?

EDX: Well when I was a young kid I was a big fan of Sandy, he was one of my favorite house DJ’s out there and finally, still, today as one of the biggest house tunes ever. When I heard the vocals the first time for me it was right away a big radio song and I feel like his version was very organic with the sounds. I just tried to do something different, I like the lyrics, I like Ariel’s vocals and it seems to be a very big success. A lot of girls will dance to it and be happy, so I like that. (he smiles hugely)


Sloth: After the release of a lot of new music and singles, and now your new EP, can we expect a full length album anytime soon?

EDX: I’m not sure the market is really waiting for an album from an electronic artist right now, I think it has changed a lot over the years. I was very happy I was able to work on our own studio album two years back and being able to release it was great. Actually sometimes when I’m driving (he chuckles) I’ll be listening to my own album and even today, two, two and a half years after the release, it’s kind of a timeless album I can still showcase today and people are going to love it. But for now I have no plans to work on an album. But you know everything can change, like with a really big radio song that just has a very natural leading into an album. But for now no plans. I’m going to keep releasing a lot of music, music that I like, that I love, that I can 100% stand behind.


Sloth: I know you said you’ve got some dates planned in January, February and March so far, but do you have anything else really big lined up for 2015?

EDX: Well… I’m gonna stop DJ’ing – no, no, I’m just kidding. There’s a lot of things coming, the US Take Over, No Xcuses, we’re going to expand the No Xcuses brand and there will be a lot of other stuff I’m going to do. Some collaborations, just gonna keep doing what I love to do.


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Words + Pictures: Sylvie Gilbert