There have been rumors over the last couple months about a possible collaboration between rapper Ice Cube and trap producer UZ.  Collaborations like this always spark controversy, as people speculate about whether the tracks are going to be too mainstream or worth the listen. When you mix rap with EDM, sometimes it may not always work out just right, but trap music is a different story; considering trap beats are often used in hip-hop and rap songs.  This killer UZ remix and music video of ‘Drop Girl’ is certainly something that everyone can dance to.

With its dirty trap beats, rap lyrics and also featuring Redfoo and 2 Chainz; this collaboration was surely worth the wait.  Watching the video will surely will make anyone want to ‘drop it low,’ but still leaves viewers with the question, who is behind the mask of UZ?  Is that you, Zhu?  (Okay, I swear we’re done with the Zhu jokes now)

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