It’s time to pack your bags, tents, and get ready to adventure off to the magic that is Mysteryland. This place is full of magic, love, music, art, and spiritual bonding; something you have to experience to truly understand.

One thing that is absolutely amazing about this culture and music festival, is that it takes place where Woodstock once was, in the Bethel Woods.  It takes place over Memorial Day weekend and brings all sorts of different people and music, from all over the world.  Festivals like this aren’t quite like anything else.  Strangers become friends and friends become even closer; and these are the memories that we hold close to our hearts.

There are multiple stages as well as different arts and crafts, and even woodshop type interactions with some of the different festival performers.  This is a time not only to enjoy incredible music, but to learn new things about yourself and the electronic scene as well.  This is the kind of festival that is a gem to the heart, with a variety of music to enjoy at each stage, and new people to interact with at them as well.

Those of you who want to attend this amazing festival (come on we know you all do), you can sign up now for the presale!  You should get on this quick, and do not miss out on this amazing chance and experience, as we all travel to the Bethel Woods, of Mysteryland.   We over here at Electric Sloth had a blast last year, and certainly hope to see you at the next one!

Sign up for presales here
Watch the aftermovie from last year here