Electro house artist Chuckie continues to wow us. After his already incredibly fresh track “Vamonos”, featuring Krunk! and Kronic, Chuckie has done it again. Teaming up with up-and-coming artist Diamond Pistols, they’ve released “Bang!”, which also features the electro crunk freshdiggity that is Hyper Crush. Recently released on Dirty Dutch Music, the track showcases Chuckie’s talent and will aid him in his journey to leave a sizeable footprint on the music industry.

With leading mixing skills and indispensable sound, this track is an absolute banger — it integrates Chuckie’s trademark sound with the vocals of Holly Valentine, who makes up a third of the group Hyper Crush. Creating a mesh of styles both old and new, they have managed to take dance music to a whole new level and expand the platform behind Dirty Dutch Music.

The build-up utilizes pumped up vocals and explosive beats that thread together to fabricate the tune’s distinct, mind-blowing sound. The first drop is climactic with varying elements of surprise, constructing an innovative and energetic vibe and making crowds go crazy.

The second drop is notably the track’s highlight, creating an unexpected twist as the beats become slower and deeper. Chuckie runs the trap, which ultimately gives the tune a grimy feel that has the audience getting down like no other. The slowed down trap and hip hop elements blend together to form a unique new feel, resonating with trap-heads everywhere.

Damn son… Where’d you find this? Check it out here:

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