As the EDM community becomes more and more concerned with the longevity of the scene, there are few artists working to maintain the integrity and permanence of the scene.

Many DJ Mag Top 100 artists have decided that the best way to maintain fame is to only produce the type of music that is hot. Moving from progressive house to big room, to now deeper sounds, EDM is becoming dishearteningly predictable. Pushing back against this tide of commercial monopoly, Chuckie and ChildsPlay have released a free new EP titled Traphall. Instead of embracing the mainstream, these two prolific artists have decided to create an ode to the past with an effortless infusion of Reggae, classic Dancehall, trap, and Dirty Dutch.

Traphall is a breath of fresh air from the Top  40 tracks currently on the airwaves. Admittedly, I am not the biggest fan of Dirty Dutch, but even I can admire the quality, originality, and risk of the tracks in the EP. The two artists could have played it safe like many other artists have been doing lately and stuck to their strengths, but they have gone out of their way to create an original sound that makes listeners groove, rage, and head bob, all within the same track.

Whether you’re listening to “Insane”, or any of the other three tracks on the EP, a unique banger is guaranteed. My personal favorite track off the EP, “Sensimillia”, creates a perfect fusion of reggae and the Dirty Dutch sound. Smooth, groovy melodies and funky plucks provide the foundation of the track with rhythm. As the song builds, the Dirty Dutch hits with a cameo by trap bass in the second hook to make you get up and dancing. As a fan of originality, I can say that this album hits the nail right on the head.