Slander, the duo best known for their Big Room-gone-Trap remixes, are back with an original mix begging to be played at the largest festivals around the globe.

Titled “Vanguard“, the track begins by introducing a melody via a distorted saw synth. With heavy drums to complement the lighter top synth, Slander sets the mood right. The move into the bridge and build begins with a smooth synth providing a lower chord progression for the top melody. At the climax, as the snares hit faster and the synth fades, a DnB inspired breakbeat provides the perfect tension before the filthy dubstep-inspired “Yowl” sound is introduced (and the bass melts your face). A traditional characteristic of any Slander festival track, the bass takes up a large portion of the mix, to the delight of many bassheads.

The song then takes a traditional format in which it introduces the same aspects from the intro to signal another build. Fortunately, the second drop provides nice variation and introduces a new, higher synth that will have people look towards one another and drop their jaws in awe. The song then breaks down into a similar format as the first two breaks, this time including the bass before it fades into silence.

For a trap original, “Vanguard” can stand on its own and will most likely break into the charts for trap and bass music. Though the mix may not have the most original format, Slander makes up for it in destructive bass and dirty synths.

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