What a show, what a show…. Somewhere Loud & White Rabbit Group have done it again. “Havoc” (noun/verb) – great destruction or devastation, ruinous damage, to devastate. While some of the most sought after festivals of the year were running simultaneously this weekend (don’t worry we’ve got coverage of Escape: All Hallows Eve & Day of the Dead on the way), a handful of Electric Sloth correspondents decided to take advantage of the gracious opportunity to cover “Havoc San Diego” – put on by the White Rabbit Group, held at Somewhere Loud near downtown San Diego. Though we had a vague idea of how fantastic of a night we had in store for us, but we knew that ︻ ƱZ ︻ was sure to throw it down without a doubt. Our expectations were thoroughly exceeded set by set, minute by minute.

First off, this venue is impressive in more ways than one way. Location is everything – sitting a couple minutes off the Old Town Avenue exit of the 5 Freeway, it’s conveniently located to San Diego’s party peopl,e making it accessible and easy to get in and out of. The line at the door went quick and the security was professional and courteous. Upon entering there’s a small room where they account for your ticket, while beverages are served at exceptionally reasonable prices. The initial room leads into the main dance floor: a high-ceiling, industrial warehouse style cavern with tons of free air flow emanating from the massive wide open back door. I’ve always thought it to be a really nice touch that they added two-tier benches lining the perimeter for people to get a slightly higher view of the scene while simultaneously taking an opportunity to rest & regroup. 

Brothers Grim

As we entered the main room we were immediately greeted with creative costumes of all sorts, but most importantly we were shook by the sounds of extremely heavy bass music, courtesy of Brothers Grim (and please note, its one “M” at the end, not two.)  This group of wig wearin’, Hawaiian tee reppin’ producers were throwing down banger after banger which caused an absolute uproar of excitement in the crowd. Their live band influence on all the productions and familiar songs added an unforgettable touch to this seemingly flawless set. Needless to say, Brothers Grim destroyed the stage and helped prepare the audience for the sounds to come.


Up next on the decks was Twiitch, who had zero intentions of changing the tone of the night, and for that we were grateful.  Kicking off his set with Excision and Space Laces – “Bounce (Antiserum & Mayhem Remix)”, this bass hungry monster was only scratching the surface of the surprise he had in store for us listeners. Throughout the set, Twiitch aka Steven Rush, constantly blessed the crowd with high energy bass productions and trap masterpieces. Towards the end of the set, the producer got on the mic to thank everyone who came out and to brace ourselves for the main act of the night.

The lights went out, the crowd went silent, and then the infamous masked-producer began to take the stage. In front of us stood the Face of Def, the mystery man behind the mask, the trap lord, ︻╦╤─ ƱZ ─╤╦︻. Within seconds the entire venue seem to shrink as every free space was instantly occupied by anxious fans.

UZ trap

Initiating the most anticipated moment of the nice, ƱZ unleashed his first track out of the speakers which was the perfect, Halloween-themed, start. Following the epic opening came a train of ƱZ tracks including several Trap Sh*t’ volumes, Booty to the Ground, Booty to the Ground VIP, Shake, Drop Girl Feat Ice Cube, Mercy (Remix) and many more! After seeming like what was already a perfect set, the realization surfaced that we had barely just begun.  It was near impossible to stay still or even leave the immediate vicinity of the speakers due to the trap quest we were being taken on.  This mystery mastermind was also tossing in several other classic bangers and new releases such as RL Grime – Scylla, Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux – IBETCHU, and the epic collaboration of Flosstradamus’ – Mosh Pit with RL Grime & WhatSoNot – Tell me. From trap to hip-hop, and heavy bass to the face, there was not a single flaw in his set. As he came to close and the gold mask slowly faded back behind the fog, the crowd stood in awe. The trap lord really out did himself for this group of goblins and ghouls, and we could not have asked for anything more.

Although this was only a mini-tour, it is only a matter of time before more tour dates surface and those of you who have yet to see him get the chance. From Brothers Grim to Twiitch to ƱZ it was hard to imagine a better night on such a glorious Halloween weekend. White Rabbit Group has been and continues to bring you today’s biggest names and make sure you are getting your weekly dose of bass. We hope to catch the mastermind ƱZ coming to San Diego once again in the near future.

Be sure to check out all of their websites for upcoming shows and check out the artists for new bangers and classic productions.


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