The night before our journey up to the Pomona Fairplex to cover Hard: Day of the Dead 2014, our San Diego based photographer, Kevin Serrano & I, had the pleasure of covering Infected Mushroom. The Isreli psytrance band brought out all sorts of genre defying tunes, from Feed Me to live dubstep, sung by none other than Amit Duvdevani.

Before the band even began, the “Mushroom chant” had started – as they came to take their positions. The Isreli’s took the stage & the crowd went wild. Slugging back the last of their beers, before their performance, they brought out everything we wanted and more. Security even had to interfere when a fan got a little to into the music and climbed up on stage.

The band was very entertaining, using Halloween props from the crowd during their set and providing a high amount of energy and excellent quality entertainment. It was quite difficult to put this amazing performance into words, so we decided to let you see it through out eyes.

Check out our visual recap below:

10-30-14_InfectedMushrooms10-30-14_InfectedMushrooms10-30-14_InfectedMushrooms10-30-14_InfectedMushrooms  10-30-14_InfectedMushrooms 10-30-14_InfectedMushrooms 10-30-14_InfectedMushrooms10-30-14_InfectedMushroomsIMG_1864IMG_1863

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