Saturday, November 15, 2014, San Diego was blessed with the master of filthstep himself, Figure. Performing at Somewhere Loud, on his TERRORVISION Tour, we were honestly a little scared…. and damn was I right.

The overlord of Horrorstep, Filth, Grime (whatever you want to call it) put on a grindhouse of a show. Name a horror movie, we probably witnessed the gnarliest scene – with visuals ranging from Freddy Krueger to satanic images and everything in between. His TERRORVISION set up is no joke.


To start off his set, he kept it slow, with spooky instrumentals. Although halloween is over, Josh (Figure) brought it back x100. After some technical issues, his visuals were up and running and he tossed on a little bouncy electro to get the crowd going – but he knew what every one was real there for, as Midnight Tyrannosaurus did an excellent job warming them up.


It was time – the satanic images arrived on screen and absolute madness occurred at Somewhere Loud. I frankly cant even imagine what the place sounded like from outside, as I was standing just to the left of the stage and speakers wearing my Earasers (earplugs) and it still sounded REALLY LOUD. From fast past dubstep, to Josh’s skills on the Vinyls – this event was truly a slaughterhouse. Dropping classics like “Werewolf” and of course some filth from his Monsters 5 EP, Figure kept the crowd going strong for over an hour and a half.


He ended with his classic “This is Halloween”. “I’ve included the track below. Listen if you DARE:

Check out the epic pictures from the event, and tag your friends!

Here is another little glimpse into what you might expect, directly from his Monsters 5 Album:


Don’t miss him on his remaining TERRORVISION tour dates:



Figure: | F | S | T |                                               Miranda McDonald Photography