In anticipation of his album release, Savant is taking you to ZION. Experience Mid-Eastern ditties and flourishes over urban and futuristic beats crafted by the mad scientist of the electronic music world.  ZION marks the 10th themed full length album release that Aleksander Vinter has created for his Savant persona.


With each record, Aleksander seeks to master and manipulate elements he believes are timely and unexplored. He did it with Vario (2012) with a focus on video game and party sounds; Alchemist (2012) was his take on Medieval and Renaissance composition in electronic music; Orakel (2013) was an exploration of futuristic vision of current dance themes; and Protos (2014) was his own version of 80s space rock.


To further understand the musical ether, all facets of music must be explored and to Savant, understanding Arabic and Hebrew music was next on the list.  ZION (2014) contains many Arabic and Jewish themes; melodies and scales that Aleksander had not mastered before.


The literal content is about the duality of Zionism and the musical context is set in the Middle East. As electronic music captures more of the world’s ears, Savant is blazing a trail into Mesopotamia with this themed record.


With a mixed message of politics and fantasy he takes the Mid-Eastern conflict to an alternate dimension. Taking on alien myths from Sumerian times and touching on historical events that might be considered parallels to our recent times, ZION takes its listeners inside the chaos of the region’s continued conflicts.


The album art (designed by Simon Stafnes), however, offers the tranquil image of each country combined through the presence of their landmarks, communicating that ZION is a musical safe-haven from the horrors of these conflicts, uniting an entire war-stricken region through the universal language of music.


Listen to a teaser of “Zion” here, out December 13th on SectionZ Records.

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