Justin Tayor Phillips, or as he is more commonly known, CRYWOLF, has given a very different taste to the music scene over the last two years.  Not only is he talented when it comes to production, but he is also an extremely talented musician and vocalist.  Doing his own vocals into his tracks has showed his different take on electronic music; and this has helped him succeed thus far.

The songs he creates are hard to truly sum into words; the lyrics either break your heart or have you falling in love.

His songs truly have a way to hit fans unlike any other. He came out of the unknown when he premiered the track “Ghosts,” truly highlighting his signature sound as well as earning himself a #3 spot on iTunes Electronic as well as #24 on the Billboard Electronic Charts.

His newest track, as well as, EP title “Runaway” has had nothing but incredible feedback. Showing how much love he and his fans have for one another.  CRYWOLF truly creates music our of pure passion; and that being said, it is one of the many ways this brilliant young producer shines.  For those of you who haven’t heard this track, you truly need too. So grab that special someone, and get ready to let the emotions take over.

“This is shit to fall in love to”

Crywolf: T l S l F