Prior to their smashing set at The Guvernment on Saturday, we had the pleasure of chatting with Chad and Dave of Tritonal.  The duo is passionate about creating beautiful music that connects with their fans, and they sure are good at it.  Coming off the release of the final instalment of their Metamorphic EP series, Tritonal is working on their next album.  The success of their current singles and remixes is a perfect indicator of the quality music we can anticipate to hear in the near future.


ES:  You guys have been working in the studio for the past few days (based off your tweets and Instagram); could you tell us a bit about that?

Chad:  We’re working on our sophomore album – that’s super exciting.  This is our fifth week of super intensive writing camp, just pure vocal writing sessions.  We lock out a studio for a week and have two or three writers a day come in and write songs with us.  We did one in Sydney, two in Nashville and this was our second in LA.  We’re still in that songwriting process.  We’re not at that full-stage track production point yet. 


ES: Considering your Metamorphic series was focused on the idea of change, is there any particular theme you guys have in mind for the upcoming album? 

Dave:  I don’t know if there’s necessarily a theme yet but we’re definitely going to figure that out as we go.  I think there’s always a theme for every song we write – in the sense that it’s always uplifting, always motivating in some direction.  With Metamorphic it represented a change of our sound and we’re taking that and trying different strides in different areas.  It’s a process, and it really is just budding right now.

 Chad:  I think the story will evolve as the songs do.  It was great to really lose ourselves in the music with the Metamorphic EPs and find ourselves and what we’re doing now.  I think we’re super confident with our latest singles:  Colours, Anchor, Satellite, Now or Never – they’re strong records so the bar is pretty high.  But I think we can top it – we’re going for it.


ES:  “Anchor” has been well-received with huge success (and is a personal favourite of mine); could you talk about the influence and inspiration behind the song?

Dave:  The song is kind of talking about a love story.  When we got the vocal for it, we flew right out of our seats, and just had to write something that would match the beauty of it.  So for us, we love stories and we love the fact that the song takes you on that journey; so it really touches you.  We felt that way, and we took it as far as we could when we produced it.  It’s an exciting single, we love where it’s going right now.


ES:  What was it like working on your first music video (for “Anchor”)?

Chad:  It was super cool.  Music videos are tricky – but I am really happy with the cinematography on Anchor.  The aerial shots, where it was shot – and the story of washing up on the beach; it was great.  But we can’t take a lot of the credit; we helped with the scripting but we weren’t there for a lot of the shooting because we were touring.  But we were involved in the editing and we’re proud of what that team provided in the end.  To have that be our first official music video, it’s pretty solid.  I wouldn’t say it’s the best music video ever, but it’s a great start and sets the trajectory for what’s next.




ES:  Considering that was one of your big milestones for the year, what are some other highlights of 2014 for you?  

Chad:  There’s been a bunch.  I think the main ones are music focused, like getting through three EPs all stacked with three new tracks is basically an album.  Not to mention, all the tracks that we wrote that didn’t go on those EPs – we probably wrote 20 songs.  We’ve written a lot of music; the fans only see select ones but the truth of the matter is you’ve got to write a lot of stuff in order to get the really special ones.  We’ve played a lot of festivals, we’ve done the touring and we did the Colours Tour, but my personal (milestone) is wrapping up Metamorphic III.

Dave:  We’re totally music-headed right now.  Diving into these studio sessions with other writers and learning how other writers write; and getting the vibes with them, it’s a lot of fun.  Just like where Chad’s head is at, it’s the same – we have crossed musical boundaries and challenges ourselves that we’re really happy about.  Musical boundaries all the way.


ES:  Your music really connects with people – could you recall the first time a song or album resonated with you and furthermore was an influence for the way you wanted people to receive your music?

Chad:  Yeah, I was a kid – Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was dope.  But you can take it all the way up to “Sirens of the Sea” by Oceanlab.  There’s so many albums.  Even today – we’re inspired every single week and we put together a Tritonia episode.  Or when we’re on a plane listening to loads of weird chill out.  I don’t think that inspiration necessarily has to be like ‘this is when I was inspired,’ like it’s got to be this sort of evenflow ongoing thing that you are always looking to garner.

Dave:  To add on to that, I think inspiration is just from the versatility of the music we listen to.  You can’t just listen to one thing over and over and over.

Chad:  There’s lots of rock, there’s lots of chill out, bass music and other stuff that isn’t Tritonal – but it definitely influences us.


ES:  You previously mentioned that you wanted to push the bar with your music.  Are there any producers or artists that embody that level you want to reach?

Dave:  Zedd.  He’s an amazing writer and incredible with melodies, and awesome vocals.  We love what he’s doing.  And there are so many other artists who are trying to do what he’s doing but I feel like our language and our music is going to do something else.

Chad:  We’re not his sound, but we love his musicality.


ES:  Is there anyone in mind that you’d like to collaborate with next? 

Chad:  Nobody!  We’re working on our album; it’s not about collaborations right now, it’s about Tritonal.  It always really has been; we haven’t been artists that have always been clamoring to collaborate with people.  If it happens naturally and spontaneously that’s awesome because it came from a place of inspiration, but there’s no clamoring on our end.  For us it’s about getting in the studio with cool writers, writing dope songs and then Tritonal producing those out.



ES:  I know earlier you said that you can’t just listen to one thing over and over again but if you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life what would it be?  What about from your own productions?

Chad:  I would probably just stop listening to music (laughs).

Dave:  That’s a heavy one…I don’t know.

Chad:  Let’s just say we love Jon Hopkins’ “Immunity,” 

Dave:  I was gonna say that.

Chad:  It’s super dope.  If you don’t have that album go buy it tomorrow.  It’s so stupid sick. 

Dave:  We nerd out on that album a lot.

Chad:  If it was one of our own productions, I would literally not listen to music again because we’ve listened to our songs a gazillion times.  We don’t really listen to  our own music.  When you make a song, you have a totally different perspective of it.


ES:  Can you tell us anything about the fast-approaching Tritonia 100?

Chad & Dave:  Nope!  Absolutely not.

Chad:  It’s coming – you know how we come out of the gate, strong and fun, you’ll see.


ES:  With Guvernment closing its doors in January – do you have any last words to send it off? 

Chad:  A heartfelt thank you.  This club is so special.  The compilation CDs that have come out of here, the recordings of mixes that we’ve listened to from DJs way beyond our time; and we’ve played here also a few times.  The memories are awesome, and I think that the scene here will just move somewhere else.  At the end of the day, although it’s a special building, it’s also the fans and the promoters and the artists that make a night cool and those people aren’t going anywhere so it’ll continue on into the future.

Dave:  I don’t have anything more to add, that was great.  I mean I wish we played here more.  When we were going into visual check I was like ‘man this room is f*cking awesome’.  I love it.



A huge thank you to Tritonal for taking the time to talk with us, as well as the lovely people at The Guvernment for their hospitality and organization.


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