Last weekend, I got the chance to experience The Sound of Q-dance in Los Angeles. Now, I may not follow hardstyle as religiously as the people who do often attend these events, I figured I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to experience one of Q-dance’s events. The company that put this event on is world renown for their unbelievable production, incredible energy, wonderful fans, and massive sound systems.
When we arrived at the massive Shrine Auditorium, every parking lot in the neighborhood was absolutely full, something I had never seen for this venue. It was an exciting precedent, as it was still pretty early in the evening. I was entirely unprepared for what I saw when I entered the actual venue. The team at Q-dance had put together one of the most mindblowing productions I had ever seen. There was a massive three level LED screen system, countless moving head lights, fire effects, the most lasers I had ever seen in a single event, confetti and streamers constantly being shot into the crowd, and a sound system that rattled your soul. The theme for the evening seemed to be a haunted carnival, with a large, animated, creepy clown head watching over attendees throughout the evening.

The first few acts were very well received, but the energy shifted into overdrive when Coone hit the decks. Every single person in the crowd was moving from the beginning to end of his set while going absolutely crazy for the incredible light show that accompanied his music.

Coone set the bar for the evening, but Zatox absolutely destroyed it from the moment he played his first song. The theme changed from the blue haunted carnival to a red and black underworld, reminiscent of a worn-down hell. The energy was instantly transformed to a harder, darker form. Zatox went on to drop some hard-hitting tracks, the most notable of which were hardstyle remixes of ‘Epic,’ ‘Zombie Nation,’ ‘Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat,’ and closing out the night with a song off his new album called ‘New World Order‘ accompanied with live vocals.
Overall, this was one of the most overwhelmingly impressive events I have ever attended. Q-dance was incredibly thorough in their massive production and selection of artists, and it absolutely paid off. Every attendee left The Sound of Q-dance absolutely worn out from moving for six straight hours, but with a smile plastered on their faces. Stay tuned for the next episode in The Sound of Q-dance; this is absolutely one event you cannot miss.