Performing before energized crowds is a DJ with an unforgettable sound and unique aura about him. He is known for his bare-footed wild performances, where he pulls deep from the crowds energy; bewitching them with his sound – which is best described as a blend of techno with melodic influences. On November 26, 2014, Amsterdam based artist Olivier Weiter will release his latest EP “Takkie” out on Einmusika Recordings. The Takkie EP also features a remix by Einmusik, making it a pleasurable experience.


Takkie – at 9 minutes and 30 seconds, Olivier Weiter entraps listeners into a musical journey down the rabbit hole. With a deep immersive intro, a sense of urgency builds steadily as the bassline switches up into a fury of wobbly percussions, launching into a new world. Exotic instruments echo and sway as the kick drum pierces through. A crescendo of light haunting vocals make an appearance – though as to pull you into the vibe as you close your eyes and let the music take over. Strong chords creep through in the midst of an orchestra of twinkling melodies. 6 minutes in at a melodramatic breakdown, it’s almost as if you’re having an out of body experience – floating above the crowd as they dance. Weiter pulls you back in with a dark ominous bassline, picking up momentum as the intensity rises, and the track launches into full-throttle mood – sending the dance floor into a frenzy.


Einmusik’s take on the remix transforms the original into an even darker groove with its mysterious howling intro, and deep euphoria of beautiful sounds and dreamy breaks. Berlin based, Einmusik has a mind full of inspiring moments, which has inspired his music and made him a well known producer worldwide.


While deeply rooted in Amsterdam’s obscure house scene, Olivier Weiter has grown to become more than an established name in the broader Dutch nightlife. His performances at events such as Time Warp NL, Cocoon, Mysteryland and Welcome to the Future, or his support for the legendary Sven Vath at Amsterdam’s classical concert-hall, were all highly anticipated, leaving an impression on his followers, amped for more Olivier Weiter shows.


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