The time has finally arrived — SnowGlobe just dropped its long-anticipated schedule for the festival’s three day long music-infused winter wonderland.

SnowGlobe also managed to slyly sneak in a few new names that weren’t previously apparent on the festival’s roster, arousing even more excitement and painting a picture in our heads of the three nights of madness ahead. This New Year’s Eve is gonna be a party you definitely won’t want to miss…

New names include Vokab Kompany, Aeorplane, and Snakehips. Others sweeping the stages of SnowGlobe include The Schmidt, G. Jones, Ramona, Classixx, and the skyrocketing electro trap pair What So Not. Acts set to take over the Igloo stage on New Year’s Eve include names such as Bones, Steezmonks, Max Manie, and of course top deep house dirty bird: Justin Jay.

snowglobe 2014

Located in the paradise we call South Lake Tahoe, SnowGlobe takes place on the South Lake Tahoe Community College Campus in a beautiful valley landscape consisting of snow-capped trees, a glittering lake, and endless starry skies. The reverb from the mesh of electronic music will echo throughout as the gleaming faces of festival-goers bundled in snow jackets and beanies fill the venue.

With Skrillex, The Floozies and newly announced Aeroplane headlining the first night, there will be breakcore dubstep and funky disco house emanating from opposite corners of the venue. The crowd of course will be welcomed and warmed up beforehand with names including Disclosure, Le Youth, and Bro Safari.

On the second day, the Main Stage rocks it, with artists including PhantogramFlux Pavilion, and Porter Robinson. Justin Martin will be headlining in The Igloo and Odesza will take over the Sierra Tent, closing off the epic night alongside Porter. Without a doubt the night will be a one of a kind winter dreamworld.

As in previous years, there will be a hip-hop flare included. The third day welcomes Atmosphere, who will be performing in the evening shortly before Flume. This year, the fourth annual festival is bringing in an impressive range of genres varying from the avant-garde electro-pop vibes that Cherub will be playing, to Atmosphere’s lyrically genius hip-hop feel, to Zedd’s upbeat electro house. At the Sierra Tent, the funky jams of Tincup will be heard, warming the crowd up before up-and-coming Trippy Turtle hits the stage followed by What So Not.

Perhaps most exciting of all is the fact that Flume will be dropping the bass (as we drop the ball) to welcome the start of 2015. Justin Jay will keep it groovy over in The Igloo. The New Year countdown is highly anticipated and there is no doubt Flume and Justin Jay will have something special in store. Fireworks will go off in the cold starry skies, reflecting onto the lake and producing the SnowGlobe-y feel that just fills festival-goers with a touch of magic.

Unfortunately, the sole artist missing from the initial lineup is Thomas Jack (for which reasons are not yet clear). On the bright side, talent winners and special guests are still yet to be announced, keeping audiences on their toes.

snowglobe 2014

Come and experience the festival’s distinct atmosphere, different from its spring and summer festival counterparts. Soon, thousands will flood the venue and its three stages just as they did the previous years. The Main Stage and Sierra Tent will have a practically incessant flow of tunes and The Igloo Tent (heated as usual) will allow festival-goers to be able to grab a beer and warm up as the cold nights wear on.

snowglobe 2014

In between sets, pro snow boarders and skiers will been seen shredding a massive half pipe and performing radical tricks. Art installations like HOME, Michael Christian’s beautifully illuminated free-spinning globe displayed in earlier years at Burning Man, will be scattered throughout the venue for awe and inspiration. With such a remarkable atmosphere constructed upon so many uplifting vibes, smiling faces all around will be inevitable.

Considering this lineup is stacked with phenomenal artists, the biggest struggle will be deciding which set to miss, or split. Fortunately, with the variety of choices, witnessing a great performance is inevitable.


Three day passes are officially sold out, and Advanced NYE tickets sold out within the first twelve hours after release.The hype is getting real!

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