Over the years, the artist known as SEVEN LIONS has been moving fans with his emotional yet hard hitting tracks. The way he has crafted his sound is unique and made him stand out in the dance music world. Tracks like his remix of Tritonal’s “Still With Me,” “Strangers,” “Days To Come,” and “Don’t Leave” featuring the vocals of Ellie Goulding. Each of these, whether they have vocals or not, hit right in the heart. Something about SEVEN LIONS music is so beautiful and relatable; and he’s always had a great fan base.

Recently though, he has been stirring up a lot of talk. His newest track “Lucy” has a bit of a different sound and some fans are not reacting with a lot of praise, though others are. They have been saying SEVEN LIONS is turning mainstream/going for the more popular genre now known as Big Room. The track itself is a masterpiece; and the story behind it surely shows the time and effort put in. When people started saying RIP SEVEN LIONS he responded with “Suck my balls, you are the kind of people who make this feel like a job and not something I am doing for fun. For everyone else who has heard this song live on big ass speakers, I hope it did its job and weird-ed you out just a little bit” 

The story behind “Lucy”

“It all started one night when I was playing a bottle service club at an undisclosed location. Needless to say it was a fucking nightmare, not a single person in that room knew my music or wanted to hear anything remotely melodic. Me, being somewhat of a snarky asshole, decided to play all that psy trance I’ve been saving up for Burning Man just to weird them all out. It was a strange night for sure. But I had fun. Anyways. We had a long flight home the next day so I decided to grab some quotes about LSD from old movies and see if I could make a psy/bigroom combo track during the 6hr flight home. Lucy was born.”

So, fans of SEVEN LIONS, what do you think?  Do you still love and enjoy the music, or are you on the other side of the fence, thinking he’s changed?

Listen to “Lucy” here: http://www.beatport.com/release/lucy/1402897

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