Over the past several years, Dillon Francis has gone from Moombahton master, to a “jack of all trades” DJ. At the start of his career,  the dutch-infused Moombahton style Francis dominated shot him to stardom. As his career progressed, Francis seemed to pull away from his Moombah roots, moving closer to music that can be classified as Electro house to big room bangers. Now, Francis has announced via Twitter that he is returning to his original sound, and he’s bringing dubstep guru Skrillex along for the ride.


This past June at Insomniac Events’ EDC Las Vegas festival, Francis dropped one of the four tracks he plans to release on his moombahton EP:  a collaboration with Skrillex, “ID”. Electric Sloth is bringing you a first look into the new EP. You can check out the new track, currently an ID, below.  We have also posted Francis full EDC preformance, which was not one to miss. We can’t wait to hear the full EP, knowing well the master of moombahton will be making his return.



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