Since meeting fatefully in a recording studio, this exceptional duo has successfully embodied trance in so many ways. Ranging from sending a message of border-free electronic music with their fifth album in 2011, to hosting a weekly radio show, “Wake Your Mind,” which they describe on their Soundcloud as being “for those wishing to exhibit a freethinking, more adaptable and advanced outlook to EDM.”

Cosmic Gate’s single, “Alone” featuring Kristina Atuna is no exception to their skill at embodying some of the most defining characteristics of trance music: it’s way of getting under your skin and giving you chills because of how much it seems to know what’s in your heart – especially when there are vocals.

“Alone” is part of Cosmic Gate‘s newest album, “Start To Feel,” which you can buy now on iTunes or Beatport. But, if you just want the song on its own (or have limited amounts of “play money” like myself),  Armada Music is releasing it as a single on November 10th!

Here are the original “Alone” and well as Maor Levi’s remix, for you to enjoy 🙂

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