Dillion Francis opens his sets with it. Steve Aoki plays it at every show. The Chainsmokers, TJR and Diplo have it on all there playlists: “Badman” is the new collaboration from label heavy hitter Autoerotique and Dim Mak’s newest member Max Styler, who together created a outstanding track with various tribal synth stabs that smash through a rhythmic wasteland of assaulting electro beats. Brassy vocal chops command listeners to “get down low” while fierce drum breaks erupt in a frenzy amidst reverberating bass kicks.

Autoerotique strongly followed up Beatport #1 “Asphyxiation” with a flood of collaborations such as “Murda Dem” with Mercer, “Go” with Marc Noir & Out Of Sync and “Feedback” with Steve Aoki vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike which reached #3 Beatport Main Chart.

Producing within his own unique genre dubbed “Lazer Funk,” the unpredictable Canadian consistently pushes boundaries and breaks the mold with his wide range of production capabilities.

Young, talented, driven and passionate are just some of the words you can use to describe Dim Mak’s newest producer, Max Styler.  Max Styler has been creating music since childhood and makes a bold Dim Mak debut, establishing himself in the dance music world with “Badman.”

I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview the young prodigy right when his single “BADMAN” was released. Here is what he had to say:

ES: From growing up in the San Luis Obispo area, you are in between two meccas for dance music, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Being surrounded by such a scene is it harder being such a young producer?

Max: Being a young producer isn’t harder or easier really, its still really all about the quality of music that you put out. That being said, I have been kicked out of certain clubs after my set because of my age, so thats the only shitty part.

ES: In October you released a remix to MAKJ’s track, “Let’s Get F*cked Up”, which was released via Ultra Records. It has now broken the top 100 on BeatPort for Electro House music at number 78. How did you come up with the idea for this remix?

Max: When I first heard the track the part that stood out to me the most was the intensity and energy of the vocal. I really focused on building the song around the vocal and tried to make the song as gritty and hard hitting as possible. Im stoked it got such a great response from everyone!

ES: What does it mean to you as a young producer to have a track on BeatPort top 100?

Max: It means the world to me. It is an awesome experience to get my Beatport top 100 cherry popped.

ES: You recently signed a contract with Dim Mak Records in Los Angeles. How did this come about?

Max: Yes! My relationship with them started at the beginning of this year in January when I played on the Winter White Tour with Steve Aoki, Autoerotique and Dzeko & Torres at Cal Poly SLO. After my set, Keith aka Autoerotique, who is also one of the A&R reps at Dim Mak, told me that he really liked my music and wanted to follow my progress closely. From there I worked my ass off on finishing new tracks and sending them mainly to Dim Mak. I finally signed a long term deal with them about a month ago and I couldn’t be happier.

ES: You have just released your first track on Dim Mak Records, “BADMAN”, with Autoerotique. How did you form this collaboration?

Max: I sent Keith the original idea of Badman about 5 months ago. The idea was there but it lacking a little bit. So we basically fine tuned it together, worked out the kinks and tested out different versions at shows until we hit the jackpot. I think we got to version eight or so. Anyways its my favorite track I’ve done to date and I’m stoked I got the chance to work with one of my favorite artists.

ES: How does your newest track, “BADMAN”, compare to other songs or remixes you have done in the past?

Max: Its a little different than some of my other released tracks at the moment. I tried something different with Badman and focused on having the vocal as the main element in the drop rather than using synths. Its more drum and tribal based which Im really getting into that lately.

ES: Your new track has been supported and played by names such as Dillon Francis, Steve Aoki, TJR, Diplo and The Chainsmokers. Being your 1st release what does this kind of support mean to you?

Max: Its crazy! No words can do it justice to express how excited and happy I am about their support, but it really is extremely rewarding and awesome to see your favorite artists and new found friends supporting a song that you made.

ES: With all your tracks you have released you have stayed true to your style of “Electro House” music. Do you ever see yourself venturing off into trying out different styles with artists of different genres? If so who would you like to collaborate with?

Max:  I definitely do! I love all genres of electronic music and get inspired by them all.  Ive got a few tracks finished up at the moment that are a bit changed up and you’ll hear those soon enough.  There so many artist I would love to collaborate with but if I had to choose a few it would probably be Dillon Francis, Mat Zo and The Chainsmokers.

ES: 2014 has been an unbelievable year for you. From playing at some of the most renounced clubs in the world like Ruby Skye, Avalon Hollywood and the Warfield to conquering some of California’s most beloved venues like Avila Beach, The Catalyst, and the Senator Theater. Now you have officially made your mark on the Dim Mak family with your 1st single release! What can we expect for the rest of 2014 and looking into the future of 2015 and beyond from Max Styler?

Max: Things are about to get very busy for me in the beginning of next year. I have a new official Borgore remix coming out very soon as well as a remix I did with the boss Steve Aoki. I can’t say too much other than that yet, but the song releases and shows are racking up BIG time at the moment. Overall I’m very excited for my future with the Dim Mak family and I’m here to stay.

As you can see there is no slowing down Dim Mak’s most recent sign Max Styler. The future is bright and endless for this up and coming producer! With a new year almost upon us we wish nothing but the best to Autoerotique and Max Stlyer. We look to catching up with both in the near future!