UMMET OZCAN is no stranger to the music scene.  His homeland in Holland has been an epicenter for dance music for years, and only helped to influence him from an early age on. Having music around you for so long it only makes sense that the passion and talent would flourish.  He truly made his mark in 2011 and even earned himself a spot in top 10 on Beatport for 7 weeks.  His songs have continued to earn praise from his fellow producers, while they played them at huge mainstage festivals all over the globe.  His unique sound and true love for the music have put him in very high standings in the dance music world.

“I don’t care for the fame, I care more about the hard work that goes into the music making.  I started making music because it was my passion and my hobby”

Having a sound that people can recognize you by right off the bat, is an achievement in its own.  UMMET’S high energy house tracks have created a following many wish to achieve.  2014 has been quite the year for him, creating tons of house bangers as well as playing sets all over.  Well, he’s done it again, his newest track “Superwave” is just as the title says.  The song has created a huge wave of feedback from other producers; showing how super this producer truly is.  You can listen to the track now on Beatport

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