Alesso is a man who’s sound is rather far from trap… So what happens when you take a progressive house track such as “Heroes” and add the syncopated snares and heavy bass of a sure-fire chill trap hit? Well you get the Branchez remix of “Heroes” of course.

You should have seen that coming, it’s title of the article.


This song is so beautiful. As writing this article, I have this tune playing and no other words can come to mind other than beautiful. The anthemic vocals sampled meticulously to keep the same house feel that comes from the original, but once the buildup reaches it’s climax, you see this remix is quite different from it’s origins. Branchez took this festival bred song (we heard it played first at DOTD ’14) and made it something you just want to kick back and watch the sun set to.

I highly recommend you check out this track along with anything else Branchez produces. He is a producer to keep an eye on. Check out our recent interview of Branchez at Day of the Dead Here.

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