“There is nothing wrong with your sound system, do not attempt to adjust the volume, we are now controlling transmition. We control the sound”

This is how the preview track that producers W&W and HEADHUNTERZ released starts off…  Words to slowly amp fans up as the song begins to build.  Once the drop hits, it is not a sound many would expect. These producers both have very different styles, HEADHUNTERZ is known for his “hardstyle” beats while W&W are known for more their “big room” sound.  This track has a hardstyle feel from the very beginning, as well as the build up, but when the drop hits fans are in for something else.

This is not the first collaboration these three did together though, they first released the track “Shocker,” and the feedback was great that they decided to create even more magic together. When asked about the collaboration HEADHUNTERZ said in a recent interview “It’s really a blend of the two of us in a different way than “Shocker” is and I’m really happy about it. It’s actually the track we made before “Shocker.”  “We Control The Sound” first debuted at festival Tomorrowland, and now the preview is available for the rest of fans to hear.  We cannot wait till the full release of the song, and hopefully even more collaborations from these guys in the near future!

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