Most people hear the name ROB GARZA and Thievary Corpation comes to mind; almost 20 years later he has hit many different styles of music and flourished greatly in all of them.  This summer Rob’s tour gave light to his talents as a DJ, and now he has put out a brand new remix; showing off his skills even more.  Many are familiar with the big room ODESZA track “Say My Name,” and this remix puts a whole new twist to the original.

Its house beats mixed with synthy sounds give it an almost blast to the past sound.  Especially with vocals from Zyra; the way everything mixes together is very chilling and beautiful; a track to send shivers up fans spines.

“I really dig this track by ODESZA. Zyra’s vocals have this very cool imaginative wonder. I wanted to keep the feeling of the original while augmenting it with a deep spaced out disco vibe.”

As well as “Say My Name,” Rob also just put out his “Out Of Body” mix.  This hour long mix gives off a different twist to the deep house many think of today; giving it a very dark feel.  A feel that pulls its listeners in and lifts them off to a whole new place.

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