Last weekend, I had the privilege of seeing Baauer and Boys Noize at Club Nokia, in Downtown Los Angeles. After just recently cancelling their highly anticipated “Run X” tour, for some odd reason, this venue still managed to escape the hatchet and was given the green light. The crowd was very grateful for them doing so, as the place was completely sold out.

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Much to my surprise, Baauer was the first to come on, yet he did so with an astounding presence. Contrary to a lot of artists, Baauer barraged the crowd with energy from beginning to end, with no intention of letting up. Gracing our ears with Danny Brown’s “Hand Stand”, GTA’sCake”, and Skrillex’sDirty Vibe”, the crowd was pulsating with an almost other-worldly intensity. His set list was quite a mix up, and kept us all guessing throughout with songs ranging to a multitude of genres. Baauer didn’t mind throwing out his many hit’s from “Slip” to “Dum Dum” to keep this onslaught of bass ever-flowing. Accompanying the music was a solid light show, with the always present co2 cannons for added exuberance. Unfortunately, all great things must come to an end, and Baauer knew how to end his set by killing it with “Higher”. Leaving the crowd craving more after that epic set, the club twitched in anticipation as we awaited Boys Noize.


After the way that Baauer had destroyed the club, it would seem difficult to follow that up, and sad to say, you’d be correct. However, don’t let this take away from Boys Noize’s performance. The Berlin native definitely knows what he’s doing when he’s on stage. To say he killed it would be an understatement. Mixing his track list with personal hits such as “Starwin” to heavier songs like DJ Serafin’sMaster”, Club Nokia Rarely had a dull moment.

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As the show went on, and the lights blazed, and the bass dropped, and the floor vibrated with the jumping of the audience, Boys Noize continued to throw out track after track; including his own “Push Em Up” and “Excuse Me” which kept the pace steady as the night got later. As the end drew near, Boys Noize never surrendered and played Moguai’sAciid” to reenergize everyone. Right at the end, he paused the set to ask the crowd if we “like bass in [our] mother-fucking face” which we, of course, all do, then ended it with “Brain Dismatch” by Virgil Enzinger.


This night belonged to these two, and I think that those in attendance couldn’t be more pleased to have this show resurrected from the death of their cancelled tour. A very polished track list by both made it an unforgettable night, and an even more memorable atmosphere. The only complaint I had was the order of the two performers; Baauer definitely would’ve been a stronger way to end. All in all, a miniscule ting on an incredible show.

Words: Ryan Maresca & Nick Bolin

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