ART DEPARTMENT have finally let eager fans relax with the announcement of their long waited second album. “Natural Selection” will be released November 18th through No.19 music.

Kenny Glasgow, techno legend, along with head of No.19 Music, Jonny White are the two masters behind the group ART DEPARTMENT.  These two have been working on this project for a while now and over the recent years had an incredible amount of success in the dance music realm.

Together they have broke out of the expected genre and have paved the way for other artists to break free of genre barriers as well.  Most underground artists rarely ever achieve such high success as these two, but in 2010 their single “Without You” was awarded the title of #1 track of the year from Resident Advisor as well as the #1 track at the Beatport Awards.

When Kenny and Jonny came together, the sound they created gave birth to a whole new idea of dance music. Especially for artists so underground, these two had something very special to share with the world.  Their debut album was released on the very highly regarded label, Crosstown Records; from here their talent seemed to sky rocket.  ART DEPARTMENT had completely turned things around for the underground, their album not only reached #2 on iTunes but also earned the title of “Best Electronic Album” of 2011.  The potential these two have has not stopped since then, in 2012 they hit yet another huge milestone for their scene when they were asked to do a special guest show on BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix.  After this Vibe Magazine ranked them as the #2 producers/DJs in the world, which is second to Daft Punk at #1.  Kenny and Jonny have given a whole new outlook to those who love the dance music scene.

They have played at some of the most world renowned venues and festivals all around the world over the years.  Playing festivals like Burning Man, Tomorrowworld, Lollapalooza, Ultra, Space Ibiza, Coachella and more, ART DEPARTMENT`has shared the music they love to create with all different kinds of dance music fans around.  Along with playing so many incredible places, they earned themselves a resident spot at the very famous Ibiza club, “CiroLoco.”

With this new album “Natural Selection” they really wanted to reflect the growth they have made and share the story of ART DEPARTMENT.  These two have grown immensely as individuals as well as what they have created together; a masterpiece of love and passion for the music.  This album’s sound tells a tale in its own, intertwining sounds to make you feel at ease but also throw out a very heavy heart hitting feel.  When people listen to this album they will truly understand the passion these two have, as well as the fight they have made to stand out as artists.

When their winter tour kicks off, Kenny and Jonny will be welcomed back to many of their old legendary venue spots.  Also along the way on this tour they will be playing very up close and personal listening parties as well as performing at some of their favorite venues.

ART DEPARTMENT`has made a huge impact on the movement of dance music, and this tour is hugely anticipated, a very rare occurrence for underground producers. These two have not only helped make way for other artists, but given hope that you truly can come out and make difference in the world, no matter what place you may be in the scene.