“Analog synthesizers have long had their own maker culture born of curious engineers, musicians, and hobbyists alike,” said Moog Music CEO, Mike Adams. “Bob Moog got his start at the age of 15 by studying and modifying Leon Theremin’s designs. We’d like to share our legacy of learning, music and electronics to empower a new generation of makers.”

MOOGFEST 2014 was a huge gathering of all who loved and wanted to learn more about electronic music; with many workshops to help teach a better understanding of the technology behind electronics, this was a huge turn out.  MOOG MUSIC are many different types of electronic instruments as well as synthesizers, and more. These are all hand crafted in the “Moog Factory” in North Carolina.

In Ashville, North Carolina, many people came together to not only share their ideas, but learn more as well; creating a whole new step into the electronic portal.  Many of these technologies are now available online as well, more many students and teachers to access.  MOOG announced their latest learning portal, “Werkstatt-01 Analog Synthesizer Moogfest 2014 Kit,” which they wanted to invent in order to instill inspiration in its consumers to really learn the science and art behind the music.

You can find these programs and more at WerkstattWorkshop.com which is all kinds of different video tutorials to help gain a better understanding.  The programs you will find here are not only free, but, hold 38 lessons plans to help expand STEAM and STEM programs in high school classes.

With the release of so many new things, as well as the Moogest Kit, MOOG MUSIC has partenered with SPARKFUN.  This is an online retail store that sells items in the hopes of making easier access to the electronic world.  Not only do they sell parts, but also offer classes to educate even more. This is an absolute brilliant partnership; needed tools and an ease of access to learning more about them. (You can find access to these parts also on WerkstattWorkshop.com)

“The Moog Werkstatt is an awesome piece of technology that has a huge range of appeal to musicians in the DIY electronics sphere,” said SparkFun Engineer Byron Jacquot. “SparkFun has a deep respect for Moog’s legacy and we’re excited about this new partnership and the possibilities that it holds.”

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