It was pretty amazing and mentally satisfying to see Diplo and Skrillex collaborate and not only one song, but dedicating a whole project to their duo. Now they seem to be working with one of the most innovative and unique sounding upcoming trap artists to date, Snails – who is is the icing on the cake.

This track is currently unreleased but was featured on last night’s Diplo & Friends radio show featuring Jack Ü. The track opens up with classic ominous frog-like synths coming from Snails. As it gets into the build, Skrillex sounding vocal samples are introduced while Diplo‘s drums rock it in the back. The first breakdown in this song has a blistering and escalating modern talking modulation from Skrillex and Snails, which then quickly transitions into a Diplo influenced buzzing (with intense growls jumping in at the perfect times). All in all, this song really highlights each of these artists’ talents and is going to be massive once released.

Listen to the track cut from the Jack Ü mix here: