Once again, Grandtheft dominates one of today’s most popular tracks. This time around, it’s Dillon Francis’ hit off of his new album Money Sucks Friends Rule, “When We Were Young”.

Although Dillon released the new album under Columbia Records, he has stated that ties with Diplo’s Mad Decent label have not been cut, but strengthen with the opportunity Columbia had presented him. Now, fellow Mad Decent artist Grandtheft takes on Dillon’s hit, and he does not disappoint. Grandtheft became a part of the Mad Decent family back in 2013, with the release of his Mobbin EP. A golden opportunity to promote Mad Decent and Columbia, Grandtheft’s “When We Were Young” remix was a great move for the Mad Decent label, as two artists from the renowned label are in the spotlight. Currently, Grandtheft’s remix has not been given an official release date; but, can be found on the Canadian producer’s Soundcloud. While the original by Dillon is known to be a power-packed ballad, Grandtheft turns down the tempo while incorporating  his signature prominent 808’s and melodic riffs to create a fun and technically sound remix. Although Grandtheft’s new take of “When We Were Young” won’t be featured on Dillon’s new album Money Sucks Friends Rule, the track is one of the best remixes we’ve heard thus far and is not to be missed.

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