Last weekend, Launch events brought TBD Fest to the Sacramento River walk for a three-day festival. The three days were filled with awesome music, fantastic cuisine, futuristic design and great attractions flew!

The festival has since come to a close leaving us one last statement – TBD Fest is no longer to be determined.

Day 1:

Thousands of attendees lined the gates of the Sacramento River Walk anticipating the experience lying within the gates as they peered onto carnival rides, countless savory food vendors, interactive art instillations and four stages powered with LED screens, lighting and omnipotent sound systems. The original time for the festival to start was set 3 p.m.; but, festival goers we’re delayed until almost four before entry was granted and local Sacramento band Autumn Sky finished up their set.

Once let inside, the festival came to life and TBD Fest was in full swing – and let me tell you, it was amazing. This is the first year that Launch Events changed this once one day festival into a three day extravaganza. Although the opening was rough, their team truly pulled together and amazing experience for the Sacramento region. The audience drew in everyone from the middle aged 40 year-olds to the mass age group ranging from 20-30. The setting of the Sacramento River Walk was on fair-like festival grounds, with a compacted dirt floor that turned the venue into a dusty dance floor as attendees danced from stage to stage. TBD may have had one of the best layouts we’ve seen at a festival thus far. The four stages provided for easy maneuvering with the two main stages on opposite ends of the festival. The two smaller stages we’re offset from the middle of the venue, where artist and food vendors set up for one hell of a marketplace, center hub of the festival.

The first EDM act we caught was Basecamp. Composed of three producers from Nashville, TN, the triad took the Redbull stage from 7:30-8 p.m., bringing us a surprisingly great set for the new comers to the electronic scene. As Basecamp ended, we rushed backstage to meet up with the one and only Dillon Francis for an exclusive Electric Sloth interview. After what was we can assure you was the funniest interview we’ve ever experienced with the Los Angeles producer, we headed out to the main stage, Lowbrau, to catch glitch hop master, Gramatik. Engrossing the crowd in his smooth, jazz, electro, hip-hop style, there was not one member of the audience that could be found unconsumed in the music filling the night’s sound waves. After Gramatik’s set we headed back over to the Beautiful Buzz stage to catch the last half hour of Com Truise’s set. Cruise enchanted the crowd up until the final beat, introducing the festival goers who may not have been exposed to the EDM scene in a positive way as he mixed together progressive and nostalgic beats. As Dillon Francis was about the take the main stage, we made sure not to miss a second of the set – so we dodged our way through the crowds and waited for Francis to take the stage. As lights flashed and screens came to life, Dillon Francis dropped the beat and the audience surrendered to the melody. From moombahton to electro, Dillon spun one genre to another, even mixing in old school hip-hop, for one amazing set. The high levels of energy found in Francis’ set carried on as EDM veteran, Moby closed out the night. To our pleasant surprise, Moby broke through his mellow reputation with a high energy, power-pact set that perfectly closed TBD Fest day one.

Day 2:

TBD day two continued the festival as the event once again sold out. This time around, the management smoothed over the entrance delay we experienced during day one and the event ran seamlessly.

The first act we caught was Ghost Beach; and, they may have been the under card of the weekend. Their chillwave, tropical house style truly had the audience vibing along with every beat.After Ghost Beach’s performance we decided to check out the amazing cuisine local top rated chefs cooked up for TBD. If the musical acts weren’t enough, the food vendor’s really turned up the heat in their kitchens. Can you say bacon filled grilled ham and cheese and fresh octopus tacos?

Now full of calories to keep us going for the rest of the evening, we stuck around to catch Danny Brown’s set. We caught unmistakable rap artist for his half hour set, where he involved the audience, joking about his wardrobe choice of wearing leather pants in the 100 degree weather of day two; laughing, “I didn’t get the memo not to wear leather pants in this heat.” Keys N Krates had a last minute change to Saturday’s line up, as they were set to perform Sunday. No matter the last minute change, the triad brought all they had to the stage, giving us a set that stuck in our minds over all other thus far on day two. Just as Keys N Krates finished up their final song, light from the main stage shined bright and indie electronica dominators Empire of the Sun took the stage. The duo had everything you could imagine for a festival, taking the audience from the Sacramento region to what felt like a full-blown Coachella performance. Empire was strapped with confetti cannons, numerous background dancers and brought the stage to life in their iconic wardrobes. The dyad played every fan favorite, including “Thrill of It” to close out TBD Fest’s second day.

Day 3:

Arriving on TBD’s final day three, festival attendees seemed to have warped their outfits as creative dust masks seemed to cover the faces of every face in the crowd. The first act we caught was San Francisco’s own, Viceroy. Hidden in the EDM underground, Viceroy unquestionably brought one of the best sets of the weekend. His remixes mash together some of the best songs of the 90’s and early 2000s grabbing our attention!

With some time before the next planned act, The Gaslamp Killer, we headed over to the art installation ”Prism Challenge” created by Rocket Dept. The Prism Challenge was one of the best art installations we’ve seen at any festival, letting those who thought they had what it took to complete the interaction. Rolling and dodging laser beams, contestants had to use their secret agent/ninja skills to retrieve the orb found at the end of the shipping container that held the interaction. The best of the weekend completed the obstacle in 3 seconds and we came in close with 5 (hey, we beat 98% of the other contestant, you can’t always be first).

Next, The Gaslamp Killer took the 10:15-11:00 p.m. time slot of the evening, hyping up the crowd with his strong trap technique. As The Gaslamp Killer played the final banger, the weekend’s last headlining act, Justice, prepared for their upcoming set. For an hour, the lucky fans that attended their set were engrossed in one of the best live sets we’ve ever heard. “D.A.N.C.E.” possible Justice’s best-known tune kicked off the set. The two DJ’s spun everything you could want to hear in a Justice set, including a remix of Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.”

All in all, Launch Events TBD Fest 2014 could be described in one word – wow. Launch truly stepped up the once one day event and transformed it into a legitimate three-day music festival. Music lovers far and wide came to TBD Fest, leaving the attendance count to about 22,000. All we have left to say is we sure won’t be missing this event for the many years to come.