This last Saturday, LA had the pleasure of being graced with the Safe In Sound Festival at The Palladium.  The checkered letters atop the venue spelled a heavenly concoction of talent: Terravita, Caked Up, Destroid, Adventure Club, and Flux Pavillion.  Yes, you read that right; this lineup was wild.  Insomniac Events had the place guarded like the Pentagon, but after a thorough screening, I got through the doors to head to the floor.  The giddy excitement that pulsed through my body was one of a schoolboy that had discovered today was chicken nuggets day for lunch.  Moving through the crowd of equally-excited patrons, I cozied myself into a prime position as Terravita hit the stage.  This group, who’s been around for quite some time, wasn’t shy to start this epic night off strong.  Quickly jumping into their hits with “Make Em Say Ugh” and “Spicy By the Glass” from their most recent album: Rituals, the speakers got a proper warm up as their setlist stayed strong the whole time they were on stage.


For Caked Up, I decided to get on the outskirts of the crowd.  Stumbling over water bottles and a plethora of dentine Ice gum packs, I made it to the back-right as they stepped on.  Being the only group that was more or less trap-focused, they played it all to satisfy any genre-specific fan.  After a dubstep performance like Terravita, Caked Up provided the trap right out the door with “L.A. Pussy Pop”. After the crowd has started feeling the transition to trap, the two at the stage paused…. Then screamed into the mic ‘LA! Where my Star Wars fans at?’  As you might’ve guessed, the majority of the world loves some jedi mind tricks, and the response mirrored that love.  They then jumped into a sweet Star Wars beat that made us all feel like we were on Tatooine.  Continuing the epicness with Rae Sremmurd’s “No Flex Zone (Nicki Minaj & Pusha T remix)” and some DMX thrown in here and there, they played a set list that would bring tears of joy to any trap fan.


For those of you who don’t know Destroid, I’ll let you in on a couple things.  First, this is a band; there are two guitarists and a drummer.  Second, they have a presence unlike any other artists.  Third, they go f***king hard.  This band, from our neighbors, Canada, are infamous for their music and costumes alike.  When they took the stage, they did so in their suits that resembled Schwarzenegger’s enemies: Predators.  These are no ordinary suits; according to, the guitars have “LED Fretboards with a body full of pads and knobs, topped off with string triggers and a Roland V Drumset.”  Now that’s some impressive hardware.  But it’s not just about the sci-fi look of this group, they also manage to have some drops that probably have more bass than the death star explosion.  Destroid threw out “Wasteland” and “Put it Down” right off the bat, which created one of the most amazing environment I’ve ever seen, especially considering The Palladium isn’t the biggest venue.  With matching craziness from the lights and co2 cannons, the mind-melding bass continued with Far Too Loud’s “Doomsday Machine” and Knife Party’s “Boss Mode”.  Keeping with the sci-fi theme, they paused to have a monologue come from an extremely evil voice, which was sick.  After the drummer threw some of his drumsticks to the crowd, the massive screens around showed a futuristic warfare scene as Yugen’s “Mean Machine” played.  Unfortunately Destroid could not play forever; as much as we would’ve liked them to.  Their set ended with a barrage of CO2 cannons, a light show which made me happy I didn’t have a pace-maker, and bass that made me forget where I was.

adventure club

As our bodies took a well-earned 5 minute break, the crowd eagerly awaited the next performing duo: Adventure Club.  This group has been constantly tearing through the edm scene with hit after hit, and has no intention to stop this barreling train of success.  So, as you may have imagined, the crowd was a wee bit excited.  Still oozing energy from Destroid’s previous performance, the anxiety for Adventure Club was unbearable.  Without a hitch, these two guys had got Palladium jumping and going wild as they showed a little love for Destroid by playing one of their songs from their setlist.  Throughout the performance, trippy animations and variations of their name “Adventure Club” flashed on the screens surrounding them; emitting a sweet feeling to go with their music.   Giving off a paradisaical vibe, Adventure Club played Duke Dumont’s “I Got U” to keep our endorphins feeling good.  After AC’s “Rise & Fall remix” they transitioned to their “Youth Remix” which was almost magnetic to putting up hands.  Looking around this venue to the atmosphere that AC created was almost other-worldly.  Just a quick pan, and this place was going gorillas.  But, you know what, gorillas doesn’t even do the craziness credit.  This place was going gorillas with lazerbeams.  I wish I could convey the scene in here, but it only got better when the two told everyone to hold up heart signs with their hands for their next song.  It felt almost as the place was in slow motion as hundreds of hearts motioned back and forth as ambient light flooded through the audience.  Definitely an incredible moment to say the least, but as “Wonder” started to play, we jumped right back into our previous energy which set us up for a quick little mix of A-Trak’s “Head’s Will Roll Remix”.  As the night continued Adventure Club told everyone to put all the girls on shoulders for their next song: “Crave You” remix, which was another awesome sight to behold as you looked around, seeing the venue all on shoulders.  Killing it, AC managed to mix Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” into “Crave You” as well which left a heavenly concoction of ear-pleasing sound.  Ending on their newer hit, “Lullabies” the set sadly came to a close.

flux pavillion

As the final player in this game had stepped onto the field, he did so with an almost royal grace.  His people awaited him.  They cheered.  They applauded.  They reveled in his brilliance.  When he put his hands up, so did we.  King Flux Pavillion had made his presence known.  He greeted his people with “Los-motha-fucking-angeles!”  The King knew how to please, thus making his second song “Bass Cannon” and flooding the lands with a tidalwave of bass. Soon after, Dillion Francis & DJ Snake’s “Get Low” was slammed down with force.  But Flux didn’t slow it down for one second; playing “I Can’t Stop”, which seamlessly blended into him playing “I Still Can’t Stop”.  The Palladium had most certainly reached its most insane state.  In-between songs, Flux Pavillion asked us if we “could feel the love tonight” before dropping a “We Will Rock You” remix which Freddie Mercury would be proud of.  After playing “Do or Die” – Feat. Childish Gambino, another little homage to Star Wars was done by Flux.  I’m not entirely sure what the song was, as my Shazaam couldn’t grab it, but it was pretty wicked, and had all the screens around him showing a space fighting scene from Episode 2.  Later on, “Cracks” was played towards the end to lead up to the finale.  As we all raised our hands up, and lost our voices, and jumped even though our legs were dead, we all managed to have a little energy left for Flux Pavillion’s final song… “Gold Dust”.  For this last going out, nothing was short of spectacular; CO2 cannons were on full blast and the light show was just as untamed.  Personally, I think that was some of the hardest bass I’ve ever felt.  It was almost as if he was glad he was last so he didn’t have to worry about blowing out the speakers for anyone else.

All in all, this was easily one of the sickest shows I’ve ever went to.  With such a ridiculous lineup, Safe In Sound is a must see if they happen to be coming anywhere near you for the remainder of their festival.

Photo Credit: Adam Maresca

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