This past weekend, we were truly blessed to have the opportunity to cover a MUST-GO festival in San Francisco, California. Know as the Treasure Island Music Festival, the 2 day event takes place on Treasure Island in the San Francisco bay. A more beautiful backdrop is almost unimaginable….

sunset sf - ti2014Featuring their signature 60 ft ferris wheel, very versatile stage set-ups, art installations from Burning Man and of course tons of delicious food and drink – ranging from kombucha to bacon, and paella to pizza; anything you wanted, they had. With such beautiful scenery, an amazing lineup and a ton of beautiful people we couldn’t get enough of this festival.

treasure island 2014 burning man art installationsDay 1:Considering the lineup was strictly #NOFOMO, there were 2 stages (Main & Tunnel) and each artist or band would play on an alternating schedule. This enabled you to catch every act the fantastic people at Treasure Island hand selected for each and every one of us who attended.

Upon entering the festival and attaining our media credentials, we walked in awe as we gazed at the amazing lineup of graffiti, art installations and lush grass. We managed to catch a bit of Painted Palm’s set as we walked around, and from what we could tell, all of them were equally excited to opening up the this amazing two day experience. After Painted Palms, we caught a bit of RatKing, a live rap duo with lots of energy! As soon as they came on, we instantly noticed an aroma pour over us. RatKing brings it out in the crowd, with their hip-hop fueled beats and lyrics.

15415759859_b2cd91af39_oAfter RatKing (and some more wondering throughout the festival) we headed over to XXYYXX  (Pictured above) and were just in time to hear him sample “Breezeblocks” by Alt J. It was epic to say the least. Composed of one fellow, his set was extremely mellow as the crowd smoothly grooved to his sounds.

We’d love to go through and list out every act, but to save you time we’ll sum up our best experiences of the weekend.

mo was an artist we couldn’t wait to see. She came on stage with her widely-known hair style, a high pony tail with two braids, and was unexpectedly wearing an eye patch, which seemed beyond appropriate for the festival. After she killed her first song she began to share us, “I know this a eye patch is a little ridiculous, but I got an eye infection yesterday, so I had to wear it.” She continued her set with her sultry dance moves and strong vocals. She closed her set with “Dance With Nobody” by jumping into the crowd and began dancing with her fans then started crowd surfing. She had the whole crowd jumping and dancing away through her entire set.

jungle treasure island 2014Jungle is band that you MUST keep your eyes peeled for. Their new album “Jungle” contains modern soulful tunes that can’t keep you from grooving.

The band walked on stage, with most of the members drinking beers, before they began to throw down the funk. They started off with a slow intro, and progressed with their top hits “The Heat” and “Busy Earning“. Their whole set was a complete dance party. After selling out back to back shows, this is a must see band and by far one of our favorite sets all weekend.

st lucia - treasure island 2014

St. Lucia, was the second to last act of the day, and considering we had interviewed Jean and his wife earlier in the day, we were really excited to see them perform live – as we never had before. Their classics played live….INCREDIBLE. All day we people told us they were most excited for St. Lucia, so we were expecting an amazing performance. They lived up to our standards and more! From tons of percussions, guitar and drum solos – they absolutely lit fire to the tunnel stage. People didnt know what to do but DANCE! (Make sure to look out for our interview coming soon!)

outkastOutkast closed out day 1, with a hell of a performance. After catching their set at Coachella, which even Andre 3000 admitted was sub-par, they really changed things around. Their almost 2 hour set was full of energy, they played all their classics, brought girls on stage and even shouted out UGK and PIMP C. To say their set was memorable would be an understatement. It was a perfect way to end Day 1 of the Treasure Island.


banksDay 2Bank’s set was earlier in day and of course she attracted numerous people to arrive early in order to catch her debut album “Goddess” performed live. She started off slow with her more mellow songs, and progressed with to more popular songs like “Goddess” and “Drowning“. By the middle of her set, she had every girl musing over her after she said, “I think every woman is a Goddess“. She closed her set with with her top hits “Warm Water” and “Begging for Thread” with everyone singing and dancing their hearts out. To say the least, Banks immolates a Goddess.

the growlers

The Growlers: These rock n’ roll surfers had the crowd grooving away to their new album “Chinese Fountain” which contains psychedelic funk and garage punk tunes. The band had tons of energy and had girls blushing once they told the crowd “you’re all so beautiful”. The Growlers were recklessly running and dancing around on stage while drinking beers. The crowd went wild when one of their new members crowd surfed (standing up) in a sexy kimono. This was by far one of the most entertaining and stellar sets of the weekend.

Chet Faker’s set was absolutely breath taking. Chet came on stage solo starting off with, “Im Into You” which got the crowd slowly grooving with their loved ones and friends. The rest of the band came out during his second song, and they began to play tracks from albums new and old. Chet Faker brought us back to his roots by sharing with us “how he use to make beats in his garage” and then played one of my favorite covers “No Diggity“. He closed his set with “Talk Is Cheap” and left the whole crowd in awe…

alt j∆: After releasing their second album “This Is All Yours” and having a new bassist on tour with them, Cameron Knight – we were anxious to hear their new sound live.This was Alt-J’s first festival of the year and they were ecstatic to play (and crowd was just as excited). They opened up with one of their new top hits, “Hunger on the Pine.” and continued to play a mix of their top hits from both “This is All Yours and “An Awesome Wave.” They of course closed with everyone’s favorite dance song “Breezeblocks“. Their performance left the whole festival speechless and most fans in tears. Many people left after Alt J, so it was evident who people were really there to see.

massive attackMassive Attack: Truly an indescribable set! Only witnessing it could bring its true existence to life. Fortunately, I can admit – I do not have the verbiage or knowledge of the band to elaborate on their set. All I can say is seeing songs like “Paradise Circus” sung live with the massive band that is Massive Attack was unbelievable.  Their set, combined with insane visuals: from corporation logos to absurd news headlines and red laser beams left the crowd in pure bliss.


silent friscoThe Silent Disco, or Silent Frisco as it’s referred too was also an amazing attraction. Especially gazing in from the outside. Picture this, no sound, but a DJ spinning and 300 people wearing headphones getting down at the exact same time to the exact same song. It was a great spot to show off your best dance moves and to people watch. It’s really cool, to put it simply. Check it out when you are headed to TI next year.

Air Pusher

We want to give a special shout-out to Jay Austin Gregory and the whole Air Pusher collective, these kinds individuals brought their art car from Burning Man, known as the Air Pusher and were kind enough to bring us into their family (and camp out as the festival closed down on Sunday ;)). Check out this tour of their Art Car, and head over to their Facebook page for more info.

Air Pusher “Walk Through” Video 

From the beautiful San Francisco backdrop, to the friendliness of everyone at the festival, here at Electric Sloth we give this festival an A+. Make sure to book your travel plans accordingly for next year, and grab your tickets as soon as they go on sale. At Treasure Island they really know how to pick ’em, as I’m sure we’ll be seeing all the artists who performed there on even bigger stages at and larger venues all around the world.

TI collage
We’d like to give a special thanks to Noise Pop for the amazing time and excellent coordination.

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Thanks for reading! – Sam & Erika

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