Every Tuesday SPINNIN’ RECORDS puts out new tracks from more unknown DJ’s in their “Artist Pool.”  This week Florida based producer Dylan Echevarria, otherwise know as ECHE PALANTE has been chosen.  Dylan has always loved the electro sounds, but wants to stand out, and with his music has added his own twist with big booms and other heavy beats.

Growing up with a musical background, playing piano and drums, Dylan’s craving only continued to grow.  So in 2012 he began to create ECHE PALANTE; an artist known for House beats as well as some of its subgenres; Future House, Deep House and more. He has been influenced by producers such as Tchami and James Egbert, and their influence shows off in his music. His Tropical House remix of the very popular track “Gold Skies,”  is a perfect example of those he looks up to, as well as in his own originals “Lift Off (Leave The World Behind)”  and others.  Just like what got him noticed by Spinnin,’ “A Discussion Between Saxes;” it is clear how talented and passionate Dylan is.

His newest track, featured on his SoundCloud, is getting a lot more recognition now on Spinnin’s “Talent Tuesday.” “A Discussion Between Saxes” definitely sticks to its name, with funky sax grooves being played throughout, mixing with some rocking house beats.

Though Dylan has not been signed, he has played at some Florida clubs like Eve and the Coliseum; as well as hearing his own work played at big name clubs like XS, Hakkasan and more. There is no doubt that with his talent and passion, ECHE PALANTE is going to shine in the electronic world.

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Listen to “A Discussion Between Saxes” here: